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happy new month in advance

Happy new month in advance to you amazing people. Are you looking forward to the new month already? I’ve got loads of new month messages in here for you. Messages that are special and inclined for your use. The new month will usher in goodies for all of us, and my prayer is that we are all alive to witness the opportunities and blessings of the new month. From me to you, I wish you a happy new month in advance.

What are your plans in the new month? Care to share with me?

Happy new month in advance to you all. When the new month draws closer, it is time to ask family and friends how the month they were in went and whether they are on the look out for more opportunities in the new month.

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Happy new month in advance messages

1. The month has been a lot of hustle and struggle, but when the new month comes. We remember the need to stay hungry for our dreams and desires. When the new month come, we try to recalculate and orientate ourselves on the need to do more so we can achieve more. I pray that you stay happy and never encounter any trouble as you enter into the new month. May God be with you and bless you. Happy new month.

2. Look towards your future with optimism and brightness. Let your hearts and mind be will filled enough motivation to continue to press for greatness further. I pray that this new month will bring you much confidence and capabilities do more so you can achieve more. Happy new month in advance. Stay happy.

3. I am wishing you a happy, bright, warm and sweet new month. May the goodness of God never evade, and the blessings of God will continually pour on you.

4. God will bless you with the strength and energy you need to overcome all the obstacles that will come your way in this new month. You will start the new month on a platter of Gold in Jesus name. Happy new month in advance.

5. God will direct you in this new month, he will lead you aright and protect you from the evil of this world. Just as you have worked through this month. God will give you the grace to walk through the old month as well. You will be a blessing to everyone that comes your way. Have a blissful new month. Happy new month in advance.

6. I am sure because I know this the new month will be one of the most blissful and exciting month in your life. May the shining light of the almighty flood every corner of darkness in your life. God will give you the strength and the confidence to deal with anything that comes your way. Your light will shine so bright. Happy new month in advance.

7. The new month comes bringing riches, wealth and fulfillment. The new month is here again and I pray that riches and honour will be for you. You will never be made guilty for what you did not do. You will excel in all ramifications and God will double your blessings in this new month. Happy new month in advance. God is with you.

Happy new month in advance wishes

8. Just as the sun shines in the early morning, so shall the grace of God shine in your life. Just as the moon shine bright in the night as bright, so shall you shine and overwhelm everyone around you with the grace of God. Happy new month in advance.

9. I pray that in this new month, you will find more opportunities that you crave for. Forget about the pain of yesterday because they are as a result of your efforts which will never go in vain. It is time to forge ahead and hope for the best. God will surprise you in this new month, it is well with you.

10. The new month is almost here and I wish that you receive the joy that is amazing, you will sing the song of victory and every day will bring you closer to what you have been destined to be. The almighty will be with you and support you in all that you do. You will rise to the fullness of your potentials and God will be with you every step of the way. Happy new month in advance.

11. You need to open your mind to all the possibilities that abound around you, visualize in the spirit and pray for ownership of what is yours. God will bring all that you need to your doorstep, all you only need to do is believe in the power of the almighty and he will do what he says he will do. Happy new month in advance to you, stay blessed.

12. Trust me when I say in this new month, your life will be turned around for good. In this new month the grace of the almighty God will be with you. In this new month, you will be held in high esteem that every one will wonder in shock the grace of God in your life. In this new month you will encounter more grace of God. Happy new month in advance.

13. Your month is almost here, happy new month in advance. The grace of God the father will never depart from you. You will be a living testimony of the everlasting goodness of God in this new month. The enemy will never have dominion over you, and you will be a blessing not only to yourself but to others as well. Happy new month in advance, God’s grace is with you.

14. You will be lifted up in the new month. Songs of praise and thanksgiving will never leave your mouth because of the goodness of God in your life. You will meet the best of people in this new month and God will cause people to stand up for you in all places. You will rise above the vanity that the new month brings. Happy new month in advance.

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