Popular Motivational Quotes “Yahoo Boys” Use

Popular Motivational Quotes "Yahoo Boys" Use

The fight against internet fraud does not seem to be ending soon, as the economic situation in Nigeria has turned for the worse, and young, old Nigerians are leveraging different illegal means to survive.

Infact, it is becoming quite a herculean task to differentiate between an internet fraudster and an internet marketer who earns revenue legitimately online. One thing that is certain though is the crass display of wealth on social media and the motivational quotes associated with these displays.

It may not be easy for you to decipher who earns legitimately to who does not, but what you should really consider are the quotes you read alongside the display of wealth. It makes it easier to understand that this wealth were ill-gotten.

Whenever you see these quotes online, know that this individual does not earn his money legitimately.

Check the quotes out, will you?

  1. If future no bright On torchlight
  2. Anyway na way we go cash out soon
  3. The street no dey smile, hustle make your charger no first you blow .aje
  4. If Oluwa no bless boys
    Boys go bless them self
    We move…
  5. Rain wer beat us today go wash our Benz tomorrow aje
  6. If better days no come, I go go meet am..
    Kosi pressure💁💁
  7. Respect who get but fear who never collect
  8. God show us d way or forgive us for been lost
  9. Oracle bmw
  10. Today, we chop bread. Tomorrow, we go buy the bakery. Iyanu ma shele
  11. Na girlfriend whey calm down go enjoy.
  12. Sun whey beat me today go dry my Gucci jeans tomorrow.
  13. Ji masun, make dem nor carry your Babe for tinted glasses pass you.
  14. God no go shame us. Aje.
  15. The street no dey smile. Hustle make your charger no first you blow.
  16. Na person whey work for night go chop for morning
  17. Every hustler get payday.
  18. Anybody fit gbera anytime
  19. Hustle Hard so the person wey you wan shock no go shock you first.

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