Send Your Mom a Flower Bouquet She Won’t Forget

Send Your Mom a Flower Bouquet She Won't Forget

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and you might already be scrambling to find the perfect gift for your Mom. Seize the chance to celebrate the leading lady in your life by bringing color and life to their beside or kitchen table with a bouquet of fresh flowers.

We recommend you try these gorgeous flower arrangements that will make next Mother’s Day one she’ll never forget.

Bouqs Co.: Field of Dreams

Roses are a must-have during Mother’s Day, but it can be boring to send a bouquet filled with only one flower. The Field of Dreams from Bouqs, however, contains a gorgeous pink arrangement of parvifolius, roses, and hypericums.

The parvifolius is a newer species in the US that resembles tall bamboo, while the hypericum looks similar to little cherry tomatoes. Both the pink and white roses compliment these subtle accents to create a unique arrangement.

Bouqs Co. has plenty of other Mother’s Day bouquets available, like Spotlight, which features lilies, and Hugs and Kisses, a charming bouquet packed with LA and callas lilies.

1-800 Flowers: Mother’s Embrace

Thanking Mom for all of her hugs and kisses isn’t an easy task, but the Mother’s Embrace bouquet may do just that. Inside a lovely Depression-era pressed glass vase sits pink roses, Peruvian lilies, pink Oriental lilies, snapdragons, and assorted greenery.

Snapdragons actually possess two meanings, as the mythical creature it’s named after is both feared and loved in some cultures. On the one hand, snapdragons represent grace, and on the other, deviousness.

1-800 Flowers has flowers for sale, but they also create bundles that include stuffed animals, candy, cookies, balloons, and mugs. Children’s books are also available.

Urban Stems: The Firecracker

The vibrant Firecracker bouquet seeks to go above and beyond the traditional baby-blue and pink color palette to explore cool blue tones and bursts of orange. The Craspedia, roses, and solidago are all present here; just don’t put your hands on the thistle!

These flowering plants have tiny sharp prickles that could really sting, kind of like the rose’s thorns. Craspedia, known as the drumstick flower, acts as beautiful yellow accents along with the perennial solidago.

Urban Stems also sells the Kona, which features the Birds of Paradise flower, and the Skye, a towering orchid plant in a pressed zinc pot.

ProFlowers: Hello Sunshine

Give a dose of sunshine in bloom by choosing this bouquet teeming with sunflowers, snapdragons, and daisy poms. Sunflowers always seem to bring a smile to Mom’s face because of their vibrant yellow leaves, while the white snapdragon gives off an air of devilish delight.

The daisy pom has the classic daisy shape with a smaller flower headset on the steam. They are the most commonly used “daisy” in arrangements second to gerberas, a much larger flower.

ProFlowers has some interesting offerings, like the Rainbow Rose bouquet, which features dip-dyed blue, yellow, pink, green, red, and orange roses.

FTD: Someone Special Purple Bulb Garden

While not technically a bouquet because these flowers are placed in an ornament pot, the Someone Special bouquet contains multiple tulips and snapdragons. If you’re wondering why snapdragons are used as a common filler for bouquets, it’s due to the height and cluster of petals the flowers have.

Tulips are an excellent choice for a Mother’s Day bouquet because they represent deep love for parents, rebirth and new beginnings, and charity.

FTD has its fair share of potted plants and bouquets, including the Bold & Bursting Azalea plant and the Thank You Mom bouquet full of purple roses.

Which Bouquet do you Prefer?

With so many bouquets to choose from, it can be challenging to decide, but there are multiple pre-made arrangements that make picking the right present a breeze.

Try to pick a bouquet based on your Mother’s preferences, including colors and flowers, so she can open her door to farm-fresh flowers that smell amazing, look incredible, and will last for weeks. Don’t forget to add a love letter to your mom telling her how much you appreciate her.

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