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This week’s edition of our must watch YouTube Vids. As usual this week, we would be looking at Harjit and Jaz of YoutwoTV’s video on the different types of girlfriends that piss you off. Amazingly this video has over 2 million views on YouTube to show you how much value the content has within the views.

Where are ‘Dem Boys??

You need to grab a seat and see this funny yet valuable video as it reeks of everything about girlfriends that you can relate with.

For some of us, we can not deal with certain types of girlfriends, and this was illustrated in the video below.


I have dated ‘some’ girl who would just interrogate the life out of me.

‘Dee, where are you going’?

‘Dee, who are you chatting with’?

‘Dee, why this, why that’?

While I appreciate the concern and the love sorta, it could be so ‘pissing’ sometimes and the guy would have no choice than just to scream his head off. Oh Lord, some girls could pass for criminal interrogators; the way they investigate and ask questions like the world will come to an end the following day.

Hey Buds, I am sure you all can relate.


LOL! Funny girlfriends these ones are, they just are simply not satisfied with what you have sweated out your life to get for them.

I could remember me going out of my way to buy my girlfriend a bunch of expensive slippers at ‘Oshodi’ Market when I was heading back from work in 2014. Feeling excited that I had at least gone out of my way. I mean, it wasn’t even her birthday and we weren’t celebrating any anniversary. But you know that feeling of happiness that you get after going out of YOUR way to buy an unexpected gift for your woman.

My major undoing was really going out of my way! She wanted something exquisite, special from one of the fancy boutique and stores on Victoria Island. She was not even appreciative one bit! While she collected the gift, her body language was all over me like;

‘Dee, you made a mistake for going out of getting me this, Man’

Those are the typical examples of Gold diggers. Unreasonable girls they are.

Some of you guys would be smiling already just as you are reading this post!

I leave the rest to you….Enjoy the video and see the different types of girlfriends you really would not want or like.



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2 Responses

  1. Oluwafisayo

    I feel same applies to the men also. My elder sis once dated a guy who was just too obsessive he will ask lot of questions and even tell her he wants to speak with whomever she was with. What broke the camel back was when we all went to church and she (my sister) wanted to use the ladies, her guy insisted on following her and when she gave him a cold shoulder, he turns to me and was asking stupid questions, like what is taking your sister too long? Don’t you think we need to go see her?. When she came back, Omo na so so fight he dey fight am on top of the matter.

    • Deedee

      I quite agree with you Fisayo, in as much as we have loads of girls that are like this, we also have guys as well.

      For me though, I would say ladies are better equipped to possess all the attributes as indicated in the video than guys. Guys could still be managed when it comes to pissing qualities, however for ladies, It could be so outrageous and damning. I am sure you agree with me. Thanks for your comments


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