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The 5 love languages you need to know


If you have not understood the 5 love languages and put it into perspective in your love life, then trust me, your relationship will not be at the level you want it.

The truth is, we all understand and practice love differently. Our feelings of love and emotions are quite different from other people, most importantly our partners, and the moment we can understand and reflect on these differences in our relationships, the better for our love lives.

I stumbled on this amazing novel from top relationship counselor, ( a man I have come to admire so much), andit is time we brought his philosophies down to our own culture and how we perceive our relationships.

Gary said in his book, there are different ways people understand and see love, especially emotional love. One very critical thing for you is to understand and then speak the love language of your partner.

What is Language?

As easy as this sounds, I am sure a lot of us just understand what language means literally!

I am sure some of you will say, language is what I speak or maybe language is the means  of communication between people in a locality or environment. Some of us would attempt to go deeper to enthuse that language is the way and manner individuals express their thoughts and convictions.

Guess what? You are right!

However, don’t you think language goes a lot deeper than all of this our above definitions?

Let me use your minute, a little:

Wikipedia defined language as

the ability to acquire and use complex systems of communication, particularly the human ability to do so, and a language is any specific example of such a system. 

So you see? Language is a bit deeper than you initially thought! Okay then, there are complex systems of communications and the ability to understand these systems make for easy adaptability and understanding of languages. It is when you now learn and understand the systems that you can communicate ‘effectively’.

Understanding languages enables us to co-exist peacefully with family friend and the community at large. Imagine that people keep fighting you all the time because they fail to understand you or because it seemed you are communicating but your means of passing the information is not understood, then it becomes a problem. There will be discord, unhappiness and eventually you may even be shut out of the community as a whole.

That is the concept of languages. Do you get that part?

Now in our love life, partners communicate differently. the way your lover view love, loving and emotions in relationships is expected to be different from yours. Ignore all the initial Gra Gra that comes with dating and finding love. There comes a time when all this will be left in the drain and then reality sets in! Here communication and the ability to understand your love languages become very important

There is the need for a congruence in the love languages between partners and that Gary in his book delicately and succinctly explained the five types of love languages that will grow your relationship in leaps and bounds, beyond all means of disagreement and discord.

Gary continued by saying in his book that ‘ in between love languages, there are several dialects. However what is key is understanding the love language of your lover. He further said that there are 5 basic types of emotional love language – the way people understand love, and he broke them down in an expository way.

Are you ready to give your relationships, love life the turnaround it desires? This is just the post for you to read!




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