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The days were long and lonely
The nights were dark and quiet
The looks on faces weren’t lovely
But in my solitude I was limitless yet

I quickly took the loneliness to my advantage
Getting a chance to view life from a different vantage
It was easy to lose myself in the new world of mine
Sometimes I got so far away and just wanted to stop time

Limitless as I was, I dared incredible things
In my dreams nothing was impossible
I built strength and flew with wings
I rode to the sky where the world was visible

I had dreams to soar high in the sky
I had dreams to be a shooting star
I wanted to do things and no one to ask why
I looked forward to the right time to start

I had dreams to put smile on faces
Treating the faintest hearts with love
I wanted to care for people of different ages
Building a world where nothing prevails but love.

My dreams are not sleep induced
Else to nothing I’m reduced
My dreams are dreamt with eyes wide open
In the broad of the day, even in the open

A dream does not become reality by magic
With no dedication and hard work it is tragic
My dreams will remain dreams if I do nothing
Without action my imaginations are nothing

I knew I had to be awake
I knew a lot was at stake
Now I have the task to chase my dreams
Cos it feels like heaven to be living one’s dreams

Obajay Adeola

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