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Naughty quotes for Him To Share

Naughty quotes for him

Naughty quotes for him: Want to make your man giddy in love? Then share our collection of naughty quotes for him and he will be surely glad you did!

Special Naughty Quotes for him

1. I desire you so much, being in love with you is like a honey ocean, I can’t get tired of liking it no matter what.

2. Truly, your lips are like a bunch of honey, as sweet as malt; you are pleasurable, and I love touching your smooth body.

3. Your large chest is charming, and your lips tastes like milk, you are so sweet, nice, and the perfume of your body drives me crazy.

4. There is always sunshine on your face; it makes me happy whenever I see you. I feel like never to take my eyes off you again.

5. The aura of your smile makes me happy; it gives me full confidence to want to hug you forever. Your hands are so soft, nice to touch.

6. Whenever you touch me, I am turned on as though an electric wire is passed unto my body. I am so deeply in love with you.

7. You are all I need in life, you are precious, nice, and lovely and above all the most intelligent bad guy I miss the most.

8. I will always love you for the rest of my life; you are nice chocolate whose taste is always concentrated.

9. The taste of your lips is sweeter than vanilla, I love it that way than every other person. I am so happy with you.

10. I love the way you touch my body, it gives me a cute sensational feeling that will always make me happy for you.

11. No matter how busy you are, all you need to calm me down is to call me your girl any time any day.

12. I am always overwhelmed with joy when you call me your beloved one. It is my happiness when I see you.

13. Whenever you taste my lips, I feel the entire butterfly world; I see colors that are enticing to the eyes. You are always the best for me.

14. It is my pleasure to have you hug me today, I am just in the mood to rock you down the stairs and make you happy at the end.

15. I love my body the most whenever yours is on it. it gives me the kind of weight that is most suitable to me.

16. Whenever you say I’m yours, my heart is filled with a bunch of love flowing like a river, never-ending feelings of belonging.

17. You are a charming prince anywhere wherever. You are hotter than how I think of you. You are the pure apple of my heart.

18. You are on my mind every day every night, you make me smile like I just want to fly, I never want to cry, because I need you in my life.

19. The only remedy I need to make me smile is to realize that I will always be yours all my life. I love you so much.

20. You are the only prince I will never get tired of adoring, you are special and your smile is fantastically powerful.

21. You are the handsome guy I can’t possibly resist his charm, it is just the truth, always interesting, nice to be with.

22. A good man like you is not more than one. Yes, I mean what I am saying; you have no other man as nice as you are.

23. I love everything you say, do, or think about; I cherish any single smile that emanates from you. You are the cutest treasure ever discovered on earth.

24. Anytime I see you, I feel like to make you happy like never before. You are just the best guy suitable for me.

25. I have a stressful day, I hope you kisses will keep me strong tonight, I love you so much the most handsome husband in the world.

Spicy Naughty quotes for him

26. When I cast a gaze at you, I see passion, when you mount a kiss on my neck, I see the most beautiful place in the world.

27. I can’t help to stop thinking about you any day any moment; you are simply the most handsome prince in the world.

28. There is nothing that drives me crazy like the way you look and smile at me. I am sure you understand what I mean.

29. I have found the paradox of love in you and then decided to be happy with you all my life. I wish you all the best.

30. All I need right now is your hot kiss and warm hug to chase this cold away. You are hooter than fire.

31. The sexiest thing I always remember is that you love me unconditionally. The best perfume I have perceived is the one from your body.

32. I want to do a lot of things with you because you are sweet, if I eat you like bread and butter it doesn’t matter.

33. I love it when my body touches yours. You are pure for me and I love it that way. You are seriously lovely.

34. What matters the most is that you have got a precious heart, cute face and, you have got two beautiful eyes.

35. Cute faces are rare to find on earth, they are one of the most beautiful treasures not seen too constantly.

36. Don’t you see how I have been dying for you beautiful face? You are just too nice for me to take for granted.

37. I will always be proud of your smile, and when you desire me, it makes me happy that I have found the most handsome man on earth.

38. What really matters today is that I can see your charming face, and now I am overwhelmed with joy and happiness.

39. Just be cute with what you are doing, it is going to make you happy than you think, you are especially nice and I wish you all the best.

40. I can’t imagine a day without thinking about you. This is something I cannot deny in my life. You are so sweet and I am happy.

41. What I see in your eyes is more beautiful than a castle built of a diamond. You are handsome in fact more beautiful than a woman.

42. It is nice that I am here as your only true love, if I stay alone, I am only wasting my sexual ability. You are always a sweet baby.

43. You don’t know what I feel whenever I look at your beautiful face, well carved, well built and nicely touched with excess beauty.

44. I will always be yours all my life as you are the special strawberry of love; you are nice to the eyes. I wish you all the best.

45. I have come to realize that your face is paradise on its own. You are more than special. You are just the best for me.

46. Before I sleep, if I cannot see your face, makes me have a sleepless night. The first thing I love to see in the morning is also your face.

47. I just want to be yours for the rest of my life; you are a lily that my heart needs forever. You are the most beloved angel of my life.

48. The warmness of your lips mounted on my neck really touched my heart. it is my pleasure to see you touch my body tonight.

49. You are special, lovely, interesting and nice, I am happy that my lips will find a place to relax tonight.

50. A night with you is light a fantasy, I cannot stop thinking of the impact you have taken in my life. I love you so much.

Naughty Quotes For Your Boyfriend

51. When I met you, something told me that you are the perfect guy for me. I will always cherish that all my life.

52. You are my life; my joy, happiness, and success, your face always mesmerize me, and as such, find it very difficult to take my eyes off your body.

53. The reason why I can’t let you go is that doing so will make me lose a lot of focus in my life. I miss you.

54. I will always cherish your handsomeness; it is one of the blossom flowers I adore the most in my life. I love you with all my heart and there is no doubt about it.

55. Wishing myself the most beautiful night ever, because I am sure of a possible kiss and hug tonight. I love dearest.

56. If you understand how much you mean to mean, you will not hesitate to fry full chicken for me today.

57. I will always be your flowering angel; I will smell nice for you to enjoy staying with me all the time.

58. I am always ready to be your rose flower, your pure bliss and above all your happiness, not only in this world but in any other world to come.

59. When it comes to being a great guy, I see you as number one for me, you are just very fantastic, and I love you for this reason.

60. You are a real man, I swear I can’t deny this fact about you. Anytime, we play in bed, I am always happy someone great makes me happy.]

61. I just want to be with you all my life, to feel your cuddle, your touch and those powerful kisses of yours. I am your wife already, I need to make you happy.

62. Feel free to touch everywhere in my body, you paid my dowry, and I accepted to be yours for the rest of my life. I love you.

63. I need you to know that you are the perfect match for me, you always make me happy anytime I am with you.

64. Loving you is one of the most precious things in this world, don’t forget the first day we had a kiss. I melted on your hand.

65. I need you to know that at a glance at you, my entire body trembles, I just want to get down with you.

66. I will always love your lips, they taste great, I love the way you touch the softest part of my body, it belongs to you as my husband. I will always love you forever.

67. Whenever you cast a hot kiss on my neck, I feel a sensation of someone in paradise, that’s exactly my point. I love you.

68. When you run your hands around my waste, I already know something sweet is about to happen. I love you to the core.

69. You don’t know how much you mean to me, and I will always be yours for the rest of my life.

108. You don’t understand how I feel upon casting my eyes on you. I feel like a woman already in paradise.

109. I wish you understand how I always wanted to be yours all my life, I need you with all my heart and pray you understand it.

110. Wishing you the best of luck. You are my joy, nicest love and the most beautiful lady in this world.

111. If you know how much you mean to me, you will understand how perfect it is to be with someone as nice as you are.

112. Come back home earlier today, I am already on my nightwear waiting for you in anger and aggression.

113. Rub me hard tonight or forget about your favorite tomorrow. I am your woman, so learn how to make me happy.

114. I have all it takes to make you happy, just think a bit harder and then you will understand what I have that can make you happy.

115. If I cherish you so much, it is for your good character and the kind of love you show to me every second.

116. I love you like never before, I need you all my life as you are part of my heart. All I need is great touches from you.

117. You have finally seduced me in such a way that I love. After all, you are my husband, so you are free to seduce me.

118. It is nice that I met you in this world; you are just the best woman for me. I love you so much.

119. Thank you for all the best you have done in my life, I need you so much and you have been so complying.

120. Just give me your lips to suck tonight, they are mine, I own them, it was through them, I have been the mother of your kids.

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