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I Want To Be Your Friend Messages

I want to be your friend messages

I want to be your friend messages – These are messages that you can share to people who you want to be their friends. Just in case you are scared to walk up to them to tell them you want to initiate friendship, then this make enough sense for you to do. Send a ‘ I want to be your friend message’ to them and they will just become your friends.

I want to be your friend messages

1. You are caring, kind thoughtful and considerate. Having a friend like you in my life will make so much sense and bring a lot of difference to my life. I like your personality and I would appreciate your friendship a lot. I want to be your friend.

2. I want to be your friend. I wan us to walk through life storms together. I want you to show me what motivates you so I can stay motivated as well. I want you to help me whenever I feel low and I have the thoughts that I can’t carry one. I want us to share ideas, motivate one another and be better for the future. Will you be my friend?

3. You are someone I have come to respect and admire a lot. Your people’s skills are just amazing, and the way you treat other friends are what I like. I want to be your friend because I know there are a lot of things I can benefit from you. I want to grow learning how you handle things and situations. Please be my friend.

4. You are great person, different in attitude and character. You are selfless person. Always willing to give, whatever you have in whichever way. You are an amazing person, always reeking of love and total affection. You are a loyal human, you draw people close to you before you have humbled yourself and made yourself a trust worthy person. Please, I want to be your friend.


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