What Do You Need in a Nordic Style Office?

When considering a nordic style office, you should know that Scandinavian design requires a minimal design combination. It should depict simplicity, function, and practicality. Hence, identify the purpose and reflect it in your styling.

Today, virtual work is rapidly increasing, and people sought to create an office style in the home. Either you are working far from home or in your comfort space, choosing the right nordic style can be confusing.

What Do You Need in a Nordic Style Office

Scandinavian involves simple and neutral colors. Hence, blending them and still get people’s attraction may seem impossible. However, this guide has got a solution for you. The ideas in this content can create the best nordic style office you have ever seen!

1. Nordic Furniture

Your furniture is often one of the first objects that come to mind when considering an office setup. Scandinavian furniture is practical when you go for the white, blue, black, or wooden desk.

A wooden desk allows you to implement a mixture of traditional and classy nordic styles. Likewise, white furniture is classic and versatile. It improves the flexibility of arranging your space object.

A complete furniture set includes a complimentary chair with the desk, cabinet, lamp, or other light sources and a soft rug beneath the desk. Also, you can choose a gray cushion or a black chair to complement the combination.

Choose the same cabinet color as the table. Avoid using an enormous cabinet, as it is only for keeping books and documents. It may not cause the needed attraction if it occupies too much space.

If you want to improvise a nordic style office in your home, you can go back to the mid-century arrangement by placing the desk in front of the window. A little distraction from the outside nature can ease the day’s stress. Hence, a good spot for relaxation after exhausting working hours.

Also, use a transparent curtain in the window to enable you to enjoy the natural light from outside.

2. Nordic Wall Art

Apart from your office furniture, consider your wall art as well. You can either go for photography or artwork, as long as it adds beauty to your interior decoration.

You can choose plain photography, preferably in white and black, or gray color. Hence, the key to nordic decoration is simplicity and functionality.

Your photography can be any member of the family or a favorite singer and artist. The frame should be monotone and void of complex patterns like a zig-zag. Place the photograph at a position that can draw visitors’ or customers’ attention.

For a company, we recommend a quote or the company’s role model representing your values. A perfect picture of practicality and functionality!

Although nordic styles involve natural colors, you can add a soft touch of other colors at your art edges. A good blend of color is deep green or brown.

However, you can stick with brown if you prefer an aesthetic and traditional design. In most cases, wooden arts come out best in irregular shapes, such as a map.

A strategic position you can place your wall art is above your office table.

3. Nordic Flooring

If you want to achieve a complete Scandinavian office space decoration, consider the flooring as well. Choose a plain color like white, and your ceiling color or chandelier should match it.

The light from above should be enough to illuminate the whole flooring. Meanwhile, white flooring is a good reflection of light. More reason you got a great deal at your table!

4. Nordic Textiles

Your nordic style office should include soft and warm textiles. At the back of your sofa, put a fabric that supports stretching when you want to take a break from work.

Also, your textile should be a neutral color and none contradictory to the furniture and house paint.

For textiles like fabric and rug, make sure you place them neatly. Sometimes, while we are overwhelmed with work, we are tempted to put things out of order.

However, it is not nordic if you do not arrange your elements and maintain a clean environment. Also, most nordic colors do not easily retain dirt. Hence, you can quickly notice at a glance if dirt stains your furniture surfaces.

5. Green Plants

If you want a natural aesthetic look, consider green plants as a great deal. Get a flower vase with the natural color green and place it by the window side or the edge of the table.

You can choose a favorite flower species. However, avoid overcrowding your space with a flower vase or plants.


Nordic-style offices are flexible in that you can combine metal and wooden material in your furniture and wall arts. Look for a metal that can easily blend with the wooden design. Also, embrace a neutral color that fits perfectly into all.

Hopefully, you have identified how to create a beautiful nordic style space from the ideas mentioned above.

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