New Music | “Already”, Jasën Blu Is Naija’s New Sweetheart

Nigerian heartthrob and latest R&B/Soul hot-shot is out on a sensual rampage with his first offering of 2017, the lead single from his previously announced debut album and, this one will DEFINITELY get the ladies!

Titled “Already”, this laid-back blend of ambient music, trap, African drums elements and skillfully harmonized Yoruba and Pidgin English chants vividly presents a situation involving Blu as a suave lover-man trying to woo a beautiful, independent, apparently lonely, lovesick but slightly ego-driven lady with such confidence that erases all doubts.

Coming from “Song About You”, “The Prelude” (the teaser to his upcoming debut album) and “BluPanda”, that hot R&B-flavored remix of Designer’s hit “Panda”  gifted to his immediate clout of growing fans and new listeners in the later part of 2016, Jasën Blu has clearly found a comfortable angle from which to shoot us this new, deep, conversation-starting masterpiece in the shape of “Already”, which was written, arranged and produced by himself as usual.

Trust the Shynetown native to never let you down when it comes to a good balance of soulful and hippy, Jasën Blu delivers this record in a flawless lingual blend of his mother tongue Yoruba, Pidgin English and English brimming with sexy vocal confidence and that solidly laidback sensuality which undoubtedly make him not just a bold rep for the fellas but a new hot pick for the ladies everywhere in the world.


You can listen to ALREADY below:

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