Ojo DivineGift Uyiosa – The renewal and the cleansing

Ojo DivineGift Uyiosa - The renewal and the cleansing

The stench of decay

                                The memories replayed

                               The outcome relayed

                               As a movie well played

Malibu beach, the place it all began

There in that bundle of sunshine was a girl called Megan

   Her body fully tanned oh! The guys wanted to meet her

Her eyes so golden you could almost read it with a meter

But she wasn’t interested in all her glory she just wanted to relax


                           And then there was Kranus

             He was the kind of guy you couldn’t say no to

             He had on him the perfect tan and muscles

               His smiles made the ladies hearts ripple


               Yes you know how this story goes…..

              Boy meets girl they hit it off

                   He surfs like hell

               He makes her blush

         He asks for her sweetness

            She blows him off

    He seeks a comeback and says

        “Babe it’s your loss….”


   But this story does not end there..


You see Kranus hasn’t ever been told no

So for him this was a low blow

His guys said to chill it 

“just go with the flow bro”

But you see he didn’t listen

He had to stay on the top row


As he went for drinks that night he saw formed a plan

One that would make him king of all the lads


….or so he thought….


And then he saw her enter

Watched her  all night

With as much patience as he could suffer

He laughed as loud as he could muster

But nothing he did could stop his hunger


And then she got up and left

He saw her walk into the nights crest

She walked on and inhaled the salty scent

Of the sea and all that it has left

And as she walked she thought she heard footsteps

She looked around and thought she’d misheard


He pounced on her out of nowhere

She was at  a dark bend and here people couldn’t hear

Not her shouts or cry and plea for help

Not her prayer that he’d run short of air

Kranus showed no mercy even at her tears

He laughed as he thought “another fish in my net”


This is what her mind replayed as she looked at the man crying for redemption at her feet

As she watched with the corner of her eyes as he ran to his fleet

He looked just like the man crunched low and weeping in defeat

And she decided to let him go and clean away his filth

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