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New Week Prayer Messages for Loved Ones

new week prayer messages

Say your new week prayer messages, the day is here! A new day, a new week, a new time to send our happy new week prayer messages to family, friends, colleagues and loved ones in general.

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Did I hear you say you don’t need the new week prayers? **Scoffs**, who doesn’t? You think going through the previous week and starting a new week hale and hearty is all by your power? For me though, I know it isn’t, and it is just by the sheer grace of God.

Remember the hustle and bustle of the previous week? Now is just the time to share, send and say our new week prayers for success, hope and whatever it is you are on  the look out for in the new week.

Just in case you are looking for the right ideas, prayers and what you think is right to share in the new week, check out my collection of new week prayer messages and you will see why you should share a number of new week prayer messages to family and friends just as you have said AMEN to a number (if not all) of them here.

Let’s get started with our new week prayer messages!

New week prayer messages for you

1 Pray with me
Heavenly father, the week is here again
We will start the early morning rush
The bustle to be better than the last week
The fight to jump into buses
The rush to get to our daily activities early
Already the rush has started getting down to me
Show me the right way oh Lord
Slow my rush down and teach me what to do
I wait on you oh Lord
And I believe in the path that you will direct me on
Be with me this new week and make me prosper in all my ways
I appreciate you God for you have answered already. Thank you for everything you have done
Thank you heavenly father for everything you will still do

2 My father, my God
I bless your name for this new week
I glorify you for this awesome opportunity yet again
A lot of my friends slept last night
And they are no more today
I am grateful for you to have counted me among the living
To be able to rise up this early morning to worship you my God
The week I commit into your hands
Just as you have taken control of the last week
Take absolute and perfect control of this one as well
Let me have the full course to glorify you at the end of today and the week
Thank you Lord for I know you have answered my prayers

3 I know there is a lot to do this new week
I know there are places I need to go this new week
I know there are people I need to talk to this new week
I am sure that I will find myself in absurd situations this new week
But I am sure you will take control of this new week
So, I commit my movements to your hands in this new week
Take control

4 Shine your lights  on your path oh Lord
Support my dreams and make my wish come true
Be with me in this new week, and let all enemies be put asunder in my life
Support me in every way possible dear God and let your name be glorified
Thank you for everything because you are the God that creates everything

5 When I am down with pride, you wake me up and show me what to do
You teach me how to stay humble and follow your footsteps as indicated in the bible
When I lie so much and I feel like I’ve gotten away with it, you pull me back and show me why I need to be honest and truthful
When I sin and I feel dark from the inside, you make sure you forgive me whenever I run to you
When I feel lost in the world, you light my part and make me find my way to my destination
Be with me in this new week oh Lord and bless me as you have always done.

6 I love the beauty of the mornings and this has made me fall in love with the beauty of the new week
Bright, beautiful, fresh and sumptuous, you have made all things that way dear God
All things bright and awesome is what you have created and I can see and feel it this new week
Thank you for making me see a new day.

7 The morning creates the silent time to see how the week will look like
The morning comes with its calmness to soothe your soul and your heart
Pray for a beautiful morning and a bright week today and always
God is with you as you start the new week with me.

8 In the eyes of the almighty, there is never absence of love
In the eyes of the most high, Forgiveness is always a possibility
When God embraces you, be rest assured that you are made forever
When the hands of God rests on you
Your eternity is made, as you will dance forever in his grace and mercy
Have a fulfilling and blessed new week

9 Life is just too short to wake up early morning feeling bad and devastated. Love hard as you can, create and forge your own path, leave everything to God, believe in the everlasting promises he made in the bible for you. Forgive those who have wronged you. Believe in the opportunities that will come your way, strive to be better than yesterday and trust in God for everything he will do for you. Have an amazing new week ahead.

10 Welcome the new week with an amazing smile on your face. Let there be love in your heart, have good thoughts in your mind and let God take control of the rest. Your week is going to be as blissful as you. That is a certainty. Stay blessed and remember to thank God for everything he has done and he will still do. Happy new week.

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