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New Month Prayer Quotes you should send now!

new month prayer

Click here for the best and most amazing new month prayer(s) that you need just not for you but for family, friends, colleagues and loved ones.

Every one wants to be greeted happy new month, I’m sure you quite agree with me. But what is the essence of sending your happy new month messages or greetings without a new month prayer?

We all need to be prayed for going into the new month. Don’t we?

You will find below the best collection of Happy new month prayer messages, happy new month text messages, new month wishes and new month SMS for family, friends and loved ones.

I am sure there is a new month prayer just for you that will suit perfectly into what you intend to share with all types of relationships you are looking at. Whether you intend to send to your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, brother, father, mother.

You can also find new month prayer points for friends, colleagues, business partners.

Continue checking……

1 Good is amazing father, he has kept us alive from January till now – September is the month that he has given us to ahead and prosper. he has died on the corss for us to give us life and peace. He has made us free from all our sins. he has made sure that he grants all we ask in his name to us. When we believe in God, he will make all things possible. Without his presence in our lives we would just be wondering in absolute misery, so rejoice and be thankful for seeing another new month in his grace. Happy new month to you, may his peace and grace never depart from you.

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2 It is wonderful to be cheerful isn’t it. It feels good to give thanks to the almighty for keeping you till this moment. When I stare at the date and the calendar, I see plenty reasons why I need to be grateful and celebrate. Getting into the new month is not easy, it takes the special grace of God for that to happen. I wish you ablisful new month today. Happy new month to you.

3 Just as the birds fly in the sky in peace without any problems, so shall you reach the pinnacle of grace in this new month. You will never lack anything good in the month that God has made for you. Happy new month dear, enjoy the presence of God in your life.



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