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Nigerian Student Bags Incredible PhD Achievement in Record Time


Nigerian Student bags incredible PhD achievement in record time. It was an exciting moment for Deedeesblog when a young Nigerian, Eugene Chidiebere Xavier Ikejemba made academic achievement in the Netherlands after he graduated with his PhD Degree in two and half years whilst publishing seven scientific articles in high ranked journals even without access to funding for his research; a feat that would usually require five years to a decade or more to accomplish.

Nigerian Student bags incredible PhD achievement


Before his achieving this feat, Dr. Eugene, 27, obtained his bachelor degrees in both Computer Science and Industrial Engineering with a 4.0 out of a 4.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) in both South Africa and Cyprus respectively.

Dr. Eugene, who obtained his PhD Degree from the University of Twente in Enschede, the Netherlands, focused his research on enhancing sustainable development in Sub-Saharan Africa. An interest that arose out of speaking to people who were without power for 6 months in Nigeria that led to loss of jobs and businesses. In his research he investigated why so many projects fail in the energy sector in countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Malawi, Kenya etc. and went on to develop a framework of implementation that must be considered by stakeholders hoping to succeed in the current boom of renewable energy projects in the region.

His defence which was held at the University of Twente on June 29th was attended by high profile professors from around the world including Nigeria, Turkey, Hungary, United States, the Netherlands etc. Dr. Eugene attributed his motivation to the current situation of the region of Sub-Saharan Africa that is for some reason according to him, remains stagnant in under-development despite the billions of euros being poured into the region. He further attributed his success to the support he received from his promoter, his supervisor, family and friends.

Nigerian Student bags incredible PhD achievement

Currently, the models and framework of Dr. Eugene is being utilized in the implementation of renewable energy projects across multiple countries in the region of the Sub-Sahara for them to be sustainable and to create long-lasting jobs, as he indicates is his goal for the region. When asked about his next targets – Dr. Eugene indicates that he would continue to focus on the “true” sustainable development of the region of Sub-Saharan Africa by developing only applicable solutions to the issues of power, job creation and migration of Africans.

A copy of Dr. Eugene’s PhD Dissertation can be found here.


Nigerian Student bags incredible PhD achievement

Congratulations to Dr Eugene and Nigeria.

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