What are you up to? It is time to clear it all. The Edmonton K days parade 2017 is here! Whoops Whoops!! Whether you are Nigerian or not. If you are in Canada right now, then the K-days parade is the place to be. TheĀ Edmonton Klondike days parade just like every others years like the K-days parade 2016 and the K-days parade 2015 promises to be as exciting as interesting.

The little you need to know about the Edmonton K days parade

Every year, Canada sets aside a tradition that brings together millions of happiness from adults down to children over the past hundreds of years. This is a 10 day event that precludes beautiful people and a frenzy of colours, performers, balloons, mascots and even animals. So you see? Animals join in the celebration as well.

Formerly known as the Klondike Days and Edmonton’s Capital Ex, the K-days parade is an annual exhibition that holds at Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. This 10-day long Edmonton K days parade usually attracts between 800,000 to 1,000,000 visitors to Canada every year.

The Edmonton K days parade offers those special and unique moments to celebrate with visitors, tourists, children, adults, fun seekers in Canada. It offers those incredible moments to shout, show off and make some noise as you walk the parade. If you are a Nigerian in the Edmonton right now, you should not miss the Edmonton K days parade for anything in the world.

The Edmonton K days parade 2017

The Edmonton K days parade for 2017 will start at the 97 street down west along Jasper Avenue, stopping at 108 street.

Edmonton K days parade

Photo Credit: K-days.com

You can watch the Edmonton K-days parade online

Just in case you won’t be at the parade for this year’s Edmonton K days parade, Global News in Canada will be streaming live from the event. You can catch all the scoop and information regarding the online streaming here.

I would not mind being a part of the Edmonton K days parade someday. Who wouldn’t want to join in the fun and colours and noise. Have an enjoyable and fun filled Edmonton K days parade.

If you are in Canda right now and would be a part in the Edmonton K days parade. Can I get a Yaay!!, in the comment section below? Have fun!

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