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Online Depression Therapy – What You Need To Know

Online depression therapy

Online depression therapy: Are you depressed already? And you are already thinking suicide? I am guaranteeing you right now that suicide is not the solution to your problem. There are numerous ways you can fight depression online. All you need is to seek the right guidance to the appropriate sites that will give you standard online therapy to manage your depression.

Before we proceed, what is depression?

As soon as you realized that you have a mood disorder that subjects you to continuous sadness and loss of interest, such state of mind is called depression. Many have lost interest in great things in life all because they were depressed and don’t have a counselor to guide them on how to manage it. Some have committed suicide since their hearts cannot take it anymore.

Why should you seek for Depression Therapy?

Of course, there is no other reason than to ensure that you gain your happiness back. Probably, something terrible happened to you such as someone you love breaking up with you or you lost a life or property and as such, a mountain of depression piled up in your heart. Definitely, the best move is to seek for depression therapy.

The counselor will help you go through your depression by helping you in a professional approach. He or she will ask you a series of tough questions you have to be patient about. For instance, you may not like to go back to a specific memory; in this case, you must, if you truly want to get over your depression. I advise you to help yourself by complying with your counselor, therapist like the one on BetterHelp or psychologist.

Why should you seek for Depression Therapy Online?

I think one of the easiest ways seeking for depression therapy is online.

This is ideal because all you need as a depressed person is motivating words. For this reason, if you sit at home enrolling in classes that deal with depression, it is an added advantage.

For instance, there is a possibility that no one will understand you are depressed until you overcome it. Funnily enough, your smartphone is enough for you to attend a depression program online.

It is so easy, so this is another advantage. Through home enrollment, you can access the counselor of your choice. One other advantage is that it is less expensive.

Sometimes, you may be lucky enough to find free online depression therapy programs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of online Depression Therapy

I classified this type of counseling under counseling itself. Every counseling online is under a general term online counseling. Therefore, I shall present various advantages and disadvantages of online counseling to represent the entire counseling online.

Advantages of online Counseling Therapy

  • Accessible for those with Physical disability: Yes, people with a physical disability and have no one who has the time to take them to a counselor offline, will take the advantage of the internet to attend a depression therapy program. This will make things easy for him or her since they don’t have to leave their homes for the treatment. This is a very useful alternative for the traditional psychotherapy
  • A Good option for those in a specific area: There are some areas where the facilities to carry out mental health therapy are not available, this will serve as a full advantage for those who cannot travel or move out of their vicinity to seek for therapy. Individual varies in conditions, some could be as a result of financial problems, and some could be that they have no physical ability to attend the traditional psychotherapy even it is close to their areas. For this reason, seeking for online counseling is ideal for them.
  • Affordable and Convenience: It is more affordable and convenient compared to traditional settings. Mostly, you can schedule a convenient time to attend a particular class at your convenience time. In fact this day, insurance is now provided for online therapy just as it is covered for normal offline therapy. Even though you are not covered by health insurance. Information will be more available: unlike the offline treatment of depression, online will have numerous availability of information, such as e-library where you can read some other books that may aid your treatment faster. As for the traditional way, you may not even have the confidence to ask for a book for more information.
  • It can serve as a means to educate you: Online counseling can serve as an educational tool. Through it, you learn a lot about human behavior, communication skills since your counselor may present you with a lot of questions to answer. Through brainstorming, you give effective answers. This is building your communication skill.

Disadvantages of Online Counseling

Let us briefly look at the disadvantages of online counseling. It is normal that everything is created in pair – even the bumblebee that exists as one has both male and female organ.

  • Some States don’t cover E-therapy Insurance for outsiders: for this reason, if you are not lucky enough, will have to pay for the bill as may be demanded by the counselor online. However, I mentioned above that most of the counselors offer their service with insurance based method, i.e. they make it convenient for you. After all, most of them are willing to help humanity rather than receiving the cash—even when it is irresistible.
  • Confidentiality, privacy and Unreliable source of information: one of the major reasons why people comply with counselors is because they have signed the law that they will make every conversation confidential. As for the internet, there is a possibility that the site you entered has been cloned by fake technologist; therefore, you may be exposing the privacy of your device to them to introduce. What if you have valuable information stored in your device? It is then risky to do so.
  • A crisis situation cannot be attended to: the distance between the client and the counselor hinders him (the counselor) to respond to a crisis situation. Sometimes, it could be that the client is already thinking of suicide, it will be difficult or almost impossible for the counselor to reach out to them.
  • It is dangerous for people with mental illness: these kinds of people need speed attention and treatment. In fact, sometimes, they are diagnosed by a psychiatrist. If the treatment is being done online, how will they be diagnosed when the need arises? This is the reason why it is advisable for mentally disturbed people to seek traditional psychotherapy rather than online therapy.
  • There could be the availability of incomplete information: sometimes, online therapy may not contain the kind of information you need. This is a big blow on the one seeking a therapeutic aid. You need effective information concerning your condition, however, if you can get the appropriate information, how then will you resolve this issue? This is a disadvantage from among the disadvantages of online therapy indeed.

How to get an online depression therapy

We have actually discussed the advantages and disadvantages of online depression therapy; now let’s talk on how to get one online. This is very important for those with a disability because they have no choice than to enroll online most of the times.

  • 7Cups: if you need a depression counselor, you can contact the link above. They offer self-help materials; you can talk to a counselor who will give you an emotional guide to lead you away from emotional tragedy. They offer free emotional support. They operate on three conditions; self-growth program, free 24 hours chart, and affordable online therapy based on what you are concerned about. They claim to be the world largest emotional support system. You may want to try them for more details. If you are interested, just get started.
  • Talk Space is another platform to test your depression level. For this reason alone, I classified it as a site for depression therapy. The test is short and will teach you to know if you are depressed or not. They have videos and blogs—you can explore.
  • Online Therapy is also there for you to visit for depression test and treatment. You will meet Dr. Steven Gans, MD, Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D. If you have feelings of sadness and hopelessness, problems sleeping, or you are depressed experiencing loss of energy, just contact any of these Doctors, they have a way to help you with your issue. Sometimes, it could be that your problem is a swing of mood; there is hope for you at Online Therapy. Furthermore, their online therapy is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy i.e. CBT. Sign up and enjoy their service. There is also space for you to carry out a depression test on this site.
  • CIMHS: This is equally known as bliss depression therapy, you can sign up for free to try 8 free sessions interactive therapy program for depression that you complete on your own. Through this website, you will learn how to monitor, manage, and grow your mental health. The program is also based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The program is designed to teach you how to control or improve your mood and mental health. Confidentiality is guaranteed since they have a session where you anonymously interact with a robot.

What are the types of Depression and the symptoms?

There is a need for us to know the type of depressions in order to prepare our mind towards the test that is normally carried out first online before the therapy. Symptoms are also part of the important things we look at in order to detect the kind or form of depression we go through and then, this knowledge we lead us to the right measure to take.

It is through that everyone goes through a period of depression and sadness and grief, however, this feeling fade away in days or weeks. However, if sadness and worries last more than two weeks, that’s the sign of depression. Here are some signs of depression:

  • Deeply feeling of regret and sadness
  • Bad Mood
  • Unnecessary anger
  • Changes in Appetite
  • Lack of energy
  • Feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness
  • Finding it hard to get over normal activities
  • You will no longer enjoy your daily routines
  • Withdrawing from friends
  • Thinking of suicide or self-harm
  • You get tired of this world and wish death can just come at anytime
  • Sleep changes
  • You realize you can’t even concentrate

Depression affects everyone in different ways. This means you may have had some symptoms that are not listed here. Sometimes, depression can be about sexual disorder, sometimes you will be converted into a childish adult moving close to the level of temporary madness.

Now, here are the forms of depression we have been talking about:

  • Major Depression: this is also called major depressive disorder, sometimes it is referred to as a classic depression. The report is there that about 16.2 millions of U.S residents have suffered this before. If you have major depression, you often suffer the symptoms every day. You may appear happy, with friends and family—you have the kind of life you want but deeply in your heart is a mountain of sadness. You are not happy at all. What a pity, a tragedy no one knows about.

Symptoms of Major depression

  • You lost your sleep—insomnia has dominated your heart and now your sleep is gone
  • Overeating or loss of appetite
  • Sometimes it could lead to loss of body weight
  • High blood pressure may also be part of the symptoms
  • Constant aches and pains
  • Can’t concentrate, memorize or make decisions
  • Always worried and full of anxiety
  • You lose interest in what used to be fun
  • Thought of death, self-harm, and suicide

Note: These symptoms can last for weeks or months. This form of depression may play one episode in human life while some people may experience it throughout their life.

  • Persistent Depression: this form of depression normally lasts for 2 years, probably a bit more. Another name it is called is dysthymia or chronic depression. It may not be as lousy as Major Depression but it causes difficulty in daily routine and equally sprain relationship.


  • Loss of appetite
  • Deep sadness and hopelessness
  • Lack of interest in things you were once interested in
  • You develop memory problem and loss of concentration
  • Can’t function well in school or working place
  • Quick to anger in an unnecessary manner
  • You tend to withdraw from people
  • You develop a low energy level
  • Your sleeping settings have changed
  • You no longer have high self-esteem

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