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Questions to Ask Sugar Mummies On A Second Date

Sugar Mummies

Questions to ask Sugar Mummies on a second date.

Have you seen our Second date Sugar Mummies list? You should check them out below:

1. Have you ever been hurt by any man before?

2. What do you think about all men’ are they the same?

3. Be honest, what did you see in me that made you accept my proposal?

4. Have you ever have the dream to be my girlfriend before now?

5. The first day we met, what came to your mind first?

6. Are you a kind lovely person before I met you in that mood the other day?

7. What makes you get angry easily if there is any?

8. Don’t you think I am mature enough to become your husband soon?

9. When are you planning to settle down?

10. Am I fit enough to be the one you wish to spend the rest of your life with?

11. What was the first thought that came to your mind when you saw me for the first time?

12. Am I too young to contest for a president?

13. What is your opinion about the football sport?

14. Have you ever wished to date a celebrity before’ and who among them?

15. How often do you on Whatsapp?

16. What social media do you like the most?

17. What are those things that I should know about you to help our relationship?

18. What is your favorite perfume’

19. Are you really comfortable with anyone touching you at all? Like hand touches?

20. Is there any tattoo on your body which you wish you can just get rid off?

21. Do you have any pet name I can be calling you with?

22. How interesting do you think I am?

23. If you were a batwoman, who among your enemies will you wish not to spare his life?

24. Tell me one incident that occurred in your childhood which makes you smile anytime you remember?

25. Who was your favorite actor as a child?

26. Did you see Nadiha (A movie) and Harry Potter while you were growing up?

27. Who was your best teacher in secondary school?

28. Kindly tell me about your boyfriend in the college before we meet?

29. If you have the chance to bring someone back to life, who will he be?

Can you tell me about whom you will love to spend this weekend with?

30. Do you like programming languages?

31. Can you tell me about the businessman that influences you the most?

32. What do you think about our relationship’ is there any lapses we need to discuss?

33. Who is your best friend as a child and how did you both go apart?

34. Have you ever been told about a movie that keeps you wondering what if it happens in reality?

35. What do you think I should do to make this relationship last longer?

36. To you, what is the best definition of a perfect day?

37. Are you actually interested in going out for weekend party?

38. Where on this earth you wish you could visit on this earth?

39. Have you ever read a book that changed your life and of those around you?

40. What great movie have you seen which you can promise to let your unborn children see too?

41. Can anyone stop you from eating your favorite food in the name of love?

42. Can love move you to tears?

43. Have you ever danced on a stage with a celebrity before?

44. Do you like it when your guy sings for you?

45. Can you steal for love? What about pocket picking’ though you know is bad?

46. Who was the greatest opponent you face as a child?

47. How often do you feel like to be with your mother when you were a five years old child?

48. If I may ask, are you romantic’ what does it take then to be romantic?

49. Can you sing at all’ what kind of song are you moved by?

50. Have you ever been to the museum’ or do you care if we visit it together this weekend?

51. Do you know the movie called Black Panther? How do you rate that film?

52. What is that interesting thing that when you are doing, no one dares ask you to stand up?

53. What kind of hairstyle do you like to see on a man?

54. I hope you love the kind of perfume I wear anytime we are together?

55. If I may ask, what is your favorite color?

56. Has anyone ever told you that you are more beautiful than the most beautiful girl in the world?

57. How will you feel if someone takes you on a surprise for a Ferrari car?

58. Do you have that confidence to boast of me with your friends that I am yours forever?

59. Is there anything like marriage on your agenda?

60. What pet is the favorite one you admire the most?

61. Can you help describe who a romantic person is?

62. What is your nickname which swells your head when head?

63. Hello, are you the social type or the shy type?

64. Have you ever been threatened by anyone for not loving them back?

65. What present can you say is the best that you ever given to someone before?

66. Have you ever kissed or hugged before?

67. Am I actually looking good for you or I am just a second class guy you feel you can manage?

68. What does a classic day look like to you’ how do you describe it to someone?

69. Have you ever been to a long vacation and how enjoyable was it to you?

70. Has anything surprising happened to you today and what is it?

71. Could you please tell me one best advice that anyone has ever given you before?

72. It is always interesting when you have one thing that keeps you busy, what is that show that can keep you off a computer game?

73. Who was your best friend in the university’ a man or a woman?

74. Has anyone ever discussed marriage with you?

75. How has the day been with you’ I hope there is no much stress?

76. Can you briefly tell me the story of your life?

77. What do women mean by nothing?

78. How may I be of the best guy for you and what should I do to always make you happy?

79. What project are you currently passionate about?

80. Who is the most interesting person that has ever come to your life before me/

81. What were you like as a kid’ were you stubborn or what?

82. How are you always happy whenever you are with me?

83. What do you think I should be doing to always impress you whenever you are sad?

84. How do you feel anytime we hold hands?

85. Can you tell me how you began to fall in love with me?

86. What do you love most about me?

87. Is there any challenge you are facing which you don’t want anyone to know about’ what if I can be of help?

88. Whenever you wake up to me in the morning, what is the first thought that comes to your mind?

89. Do you think you can stay in a long relationship with me’ even if I am to move far away from you?

90. Whenever we are apart do you normally feel comfortable without me?

91. Have you ever experienced love at first time’ and do you actually believe in it?

92. What about a soulmate, do you believe in it?

93. Would you like to meet my parents if you had the chance?

94. What impression did you have about me when you first met me?

95. Can you tell me one reason why you like me?

96. Is there anything I did that made you fall in love with me this way?

97. Can you possibly introduce me to your parents if you can?

98. If I am gone for too long how do you normally feel?

99. You know, things happen for a reason, what is your opinion concerning how we met?

100. Did you feel like we just meet by chance or we are destined to be?

101. Do you feel it in your heart that we are true lovers?

102. Would you ever come with me if I am to be living far away from where we are currently?

103. If we eventually got married one day, where would you want us to spend our time together?

104. Have you ever had a hatred for me concerning my attitudes you feel are not right?

105. How do you think we should train our children if we eventually marry one day?

106. Would you be always chanced to cook my favorite food if we were husband and wife?

107. What do you think a man should do for a woman so that they can flow together in peace and harmony?

108. In what dress do you think I am most handsome?

109. Can you actually remember the date of the day we started dating each other?

110. Can you put my picture on your profile on social media?

111. Can you describe how you feel on our first kiss?

112. Can you possibly tell me why you love hugging me?

113. Did you wish you should have kissed me time without number before our first kiss?

114. When do you like kissing, in the dark or in the rain?

115. Can you romance in the rain at all?

116. Where do you like to be touched most on your body?

117. How do you feel whenever I touch you? Do you normally feel comfortable with that?

118. Are you always happy while we are out together or you just have to so I won’t be offended?

119. Do you like my stature at all’ or you wish I should do some body work to look more physique?

120. Can you tell me the favorite place you wish you should be kissed?

121. How often do you want me as your husband to massage you and where do you like it to be most?

122. Would you ever take a stroll with me if you had the chance today?

123. Do you have the mind to kiss me in public?

124. If I were to be your husband, how will you treat me at home?

125. Will you ever want me to have a touch of you even when you are angry?

126. Anytime I kiss you on the neck how do you feel?

127. Have you ever been kissed on your wrist?

128. How do you feel whenever I hold you from your back?

129. If I ask you to describe me in 4 words how would you do it?

130. Am I perfect for you or I am the boring type you don’t even want to see at all?

131. How do you feel whenever you receive my text messages?

132. To be sincere have you ever had a dream about me and how?

133. If I may ask, what exactly attracted me to you?

134. I feel everything has the reason why it is the favorite to someone, what dream about me is your favorite?

135. As a man you said you are can you risk your life to save my life from a bouncer?

136. If I were sad, can you possibly figure out a way to make me happy?

137. Am I not pretty enough to make a man hit his head on a pole?

138. Have I ever been able to make you happy to the fullest that you wish I should not leave you?

139. For instance, if I looked completely unhealthy and unkempt would you still love me?

140. I commit a crime and then come back to you after case would you still accept me?

141. If you head that I am a murderer will you still continue to love me?

142. What do you think a man should do to win your heart the more?

143. Do you care if we go out together today?

144. How can I possibly make you happy that you won’t regret knowing me?

145. What kind of makeup kit would you love that I purchase for you?

146. Can I come along with you to see your brother?

147. If we get married, how many children would you like to have?

148. Will you ever agree that we should do family planning?

149. How are you coping about our relationship? Do you care if we can just discuss a way forward?

150. What about you kissing me right away as soon as we meet’ would you accept it?


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