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Tosyn Bucknor: Live Your Best Life NOW!

Live your best life Now: I have said it plenty times, if a lot of us know that we are going to die tomorrow, we would do the right things, live the best life and affect people positively!
The fact that we don’t know when we will die makes people act selfishly without regard for people and their environment.
Hold on, I’ll explain:
Everywhere on social media, I see plenty of accolades on Tosyn Bucknor, I am sure you are not asking me who she was, you know that already. People said she was the best on-air personality, people fell in love with her, her voice, her personality, her life.
Good stuff, they would; why not?
This shows that you that you will NEVER get enough credit you desire on this earth for all your good deeds until you are gone.
What does this tell you? That you should live your best life all the same? And that people are watching all you do on earth?
I will expatiate on this in my next post, someday.
But that is not the essence of this charge and lesson. Let’s get back to Tosyn.
She knew her time was shortlived, No?
Then she chose to live the best of her life. Another angle is what if she knew she has a long time to live, would she still live the best of her life? That’s a question for the gods, I know.
Tosyn already knew her time on earth would be short-lived, so she seemed to live a very productive life, full of life, love, and fun. She affected people and created happiness around her.
A lot of us know the right thing to do but keep chasing the wrong things. We chose to sly, do wrong, backbite, hate on others and live reckless lives. Because you are certain you won’t die tomorrow, right? Or because you know you have a long time to rectify your evil deeds?
A lot of us chase after the wrong things because we feel we still got a lot of years to **make money** to later following our dreams, right? What if you die tomorrow What happens to your life?
If I know I’ll die tomorrow, I’ll live the best life ever – Run after my dreams, affect people – whether I survive or not in this Nigeria.
But we know the right thing to do we just won’t do it. Everyone is selfish and after their own personal gains instead of making life better for themselves as well as for others.
Tosyn’s death is a lesson for everyone. We can die today, tomorrow, or even another 30-40 years. Why not do good anyway!
Live your best life, affect people, be selfless, create happiness, do not be affected by the situation of life or the pressure of being **seen** as an affluent person.
Lastly, do not FEAR DEATH! It will come for YOU, ME, just like it came for TOSYN!
Live your best life and start NOW!
Live your best life Now

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