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I know you guys have been expecting my response email to Joshua on the Instagram love post, yea? For those that did not know about the email I received from Joshua. Well, I shared it here, just click and read here.

In the past one year, most of the beautiful ladies I have met have been online. From professionals to bloggers to undergraduates, to teenagers. My profile has always led me to meeting a lot of people.

Some I crush on online, some I like online and some I have been able to build an online friendship with.

Note one thing in all of these statements, Online! The world is really going digital, hence we tend to live most of our lives online.

Education, Research, Weddings, IT, technology, ordering food,everything basically have been online. These days if you need ‘ANYTHING’, just go online. Online is the new mini- god. LOL!

Enough of the pep talk. Here is my e-mail reply to Joshua


Hi Josh

Thank you for reaching to my email, and many thanks for appreciating Deedeesblog. Do you know how much that meant?

How is Danie doing?….You online relationship waxing stronger? If yes, that is good to hear.

With respect to your questions,let me start by confirming that, Yes, you both are attracted to each other.

It is really ridiculous to fall in love online honestly. Truth is love is time consuming, exhausting, dangerous, often times expensive and counter productive.

But who says ridiculous isn’t fun, eh? If nothing ridiculous doesn’t happen, will life and love be fun? At least we are all a product of some people’s “ridiculous” decision LOL!

Fantastic that you have built a rapport online, flowed into convos, waltzed into each other world (as it seems). At least, these have broken the uneasiness and clumsiness of having to meet for the first time.

Oops, you have even started ‘Skyping’. Splufic, that means you have done the online video thingy. This shows apparently that you have also moved beyond blind online dating to virtual online dating.

Yes you are dating from the look of things, only that this is online dating.

Believe me you, a person can never fall in love with someone he/she met online . Harsh yea? But really this is the truth, you can Skype continually for months, you can so passionately get to know someone and there is the possibility for real and passionate love. But honestly, it isn’t real. It is basically virtual.

The truth is unless you get yourself into a room and spend a couple of hours together physically, you won’t really be able to ascertain if you love each other.

I know you may want to disagree with me. But seriously, Experience has taught me you can’t love someone you haven’t even touched,even kissed? Or held his/ her hands…LOL!

I once read a post on Huffington post:

‘Falling in love means spending a significant amount of time with someone, not pre-scheduling Facetime meetings where you can look your best and get into the perfect mental state to talk. Being in love means experiencing the vulnerability of him or her seeing you at your worst, both physically-meaning the times you have bedhead or when you have a terrible cold, and mentally, if you just lost your job or heard a family member was ill.’

I quite agree with this. You need a real date to help you assess, understand and explain reactions to certain reflexes from you both.

Most importantly, you are the busy type, so you need to consider this as well before your profess love or base your conclusion on mutual attraction alone. You need to be very sure and the only way possible is to arrange to meet physically, spend sometime together, flutter in your awkwardness and enjoy the physical togetherness.

There is no biggie about online dating really. To me, it is the perfect start to commence a fruitful relationship. Most of the beautiful relationships I have had started online before it translated to offline ‘meet and date’. The online platform provides the perfect way to hide our uneasiness and vulnerability. You need to see vulnerability to be able to fall in love with someone.

That makes loving ‘human’ online take away the human part and leave everything too beautiful to be true.

‘Initial Gra Gra’ will continue for as long as possible online. It stops and reality sets in when you meet in person and continue the date from there. Be very careful when you intend to make your decisions without meeting at first. Meet and Greet! Then see if the reaction remains same. Then you can move on to the next level.

There is nothing like ‘Falling in Love Online’ Mbok!

Good luck to you Josh! I hope you have a good one. Do not hesitate to contact me if you require further clarifications.

All the best

Yours in Love




What do you guys think? I don’t believe in online love Biko! Anyway, it’s a crazy world and this is my opinion. If you have differing views and opinions. Go down low and drop it!…..Let’s learn!

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    August 23, 2016 at 8:00 pm

    Ehm… You can love online… But ensure you meet and greet as soon as possible to cement your decision to love…. My opinion though.

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