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Why does the wrong person love me right? I just got back from a date with a friend who cares so much about me,at least I can say from his attitude and disposition.

He would have been the perfect boyfriend for a lady but not just for me. I don’t have any iota of feelings for him.

That would be okay enough just to reject him and move on right? But here I am crying my heart out because the person I care and have feelings for doesn’t even give a hoot about me. Okay maybe not entirely true but not like how I would have wanted or expected. Not getting all the attention or love from him and yet I really like him.

Why can’t the right man love me right?

Why can’t I love someone and he loves me in return? Why does it always have to be the reverse case most of the time. Is there something I’m not doing right?

You know when you are actually aging, people keep asking you, why are you single? are you chasing guys away? Is your standard too high? And you just can’t tell them.

I don’t like the guys who like me because truly I can’t even understand why I don’t like them and why I run after the ones who don’t. I think something is definitely wrong right? Or am I just too hard on myself? Why can’t I find a guy who will like me so much with same intensity?

These and more are the questions flooding my heart,I’m truly troubled.


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