Reasons Why Age Shouldn’t Matter in Marriage

Reasons Why Age Shouldn't Matter in Marriage

Reasons Why Age Shouldn’t Matter in Marriage – Couple of trends cause people to raise their eyebrows and question this generation’s sanity. Few of these trends are relationships that manage to shun the status quo and annoy people unequivocally.

You must have been told a story about how Love’s lost immediately a lady finds out the guy she’s on to is a few years younger or too old to cuddle. I’ve had to listen to guys whine about how they can never go down on an older lady! There’s so much out there about age.

Dating older men take the juice. Every single time it’s mentioned, it’s very easy to see how difficult it is for people to embrace this beauty. You would think that love should be enough reason for going with a man twenty years older. It isn’t!

It’s almost as lethal as the growl of an abomination. To the society, dating an older man is having a daddy. Just a daddy that gives sweet romance an age-mate can equally give. Ever heard of a sugar daddy?

If dating older men sound scary, men dating older women sound like a death sentence. It’s the icing on the cake, with so many reasons not to go down there! You would hear phrases like ” she isn’t going to respect me”

But, who says respect is about age or society is always right? Should we have to love how, when and who we are pushed to love or should we follow our desires through and make the best of our lives? I’d go with do what makes you tick, especially if it’s older men. If they are so hard to get at work or social functions you can check out this website on older men dating.

Across western countries, about 8% of cohabiting couples have a large age gap (ten years or more). It’s common to see older spouses partner with the younger ones, and true for both genders. Don’t be surprised that they have many happy marriages through this!

So, deciding to be the young or old one in your relationship shouldn’t be any body’s business because;

Maturity Is More Important

A relationship is more about maturity than age. Yes! You don’t automatically tap into maturity because you’ve grown. In fact, age doesn’t care about you that deeply that it gives you what has to be acquired by conscious effort and experience. So, be with someone whose maturity handles yours impeccably.

Less Boredom

Boredom quickly stems from the environment of two people who have too much in common. Different views help to spice up conversations. You don’t ever wonder why what all these cohabiting age mates do is snap selfies and go back to pressing phones? Fun is when there are new, adventurous things to explore. Dating older men or women mean new things will always be brought to the table. Fun is dating older men

Old People Are More Caring

They are called sugar because they actually automatically make life sweeter. Older men and women are caring to a fault. It’s because they know so much about life already to understand the perfect love language. Date one to confirm

Love Is Freedom

The beauty of love is when it is free. It should no longer be called love if there are restrictions and laws abiding. If there’s anything society has been unable to change, it’s what the heart wants. You really can’t help who you fall in love with.

It’s a blessing no son of man should take for granted. In a world full of deceit and so many hates, finding love now looks a lot like looking for a pin in the pool of sand. When you eventually find it, you want to keep it for dear life, not look for reasons to drop it and start over.

They Already Know What They Want Out of Life

You want to marry a successful person. A person who can actually meet up with life’s reality, able to provide incessantly. No one wants to be stuck with a dream still fighting to come to fruition. Marrying an older man or woman most times give us the first and settling with age mate often makes us trapped in the latter.

So far, you’ve been able to see the age difference in dating. If you have some submissions, kindly share them through the comment box below. Thanks.


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