Finding Mr. Right (Part 2)

finding mr right

I am Ola. But my friends call me “striker” or “Lion King” but I swear I am not the devil!

I moved in from Canada four years ago, and barely 3 months later, I met Lara at a club.

Lara was everything I needed at that moment from a woman. – She was neat, such a good cook, and damn freaky under the sheets! I felt lucky… not until she showed me her true intentions.

On a Monday morning, Lara called me saying she was pregnant. “Pregnant keh!” – I exclaimed.

“My pull out game has never failed me in my 20 years sexperience” – I suspected something wasn’t matching up, but then, there was no time to do proper calculations.

Before I could respond to any other thing, she followed her statement with “send me 1 million to take care of it”. I was shocked! “Why should that be so expensive?… Why didn’t you get Postpill? it is affordable…”

“Don’t get me angry, just send the money and stop wasting time”. – She yelled.

I loved Lara and would have done anything to keep her happy. – I saw no need for her to play me, as I had no intention to play her.

I froze when I saw her pictures on Instagram barely a week after I sent her the money; she was chilling at a beach in Zanzibar with the caption “Smart work pays the bills”.

Smart work??? Did she play smart on me?

Yes, she did. And I swore never to get involved with any lady again, at least for a long time.

It’s been 3 years now.

But love crips in like a thief in the night, which brings me to the story of Vivian whom I met at a vigil in my church.

“Angels now visit us on earth?” This was what crossed my mind the moment I first met Vivian. How can a lady born of a woman be this gorgeous! – she is a tall, brown skin, big fluffy ass, and some pair of confident boobs. –

It’s been 4 weeks with Vivian, but we are yet to have sex, all I think about is the possibility of her playing me like Lara did. Like they say, once bitten, twice shy.

To be continued…

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