Romantic Short Love Poems For Him From the Heart

short love poems for him

Short love poems for him from the heart should be all you think about everyday. Why wait when you are ready? Forward a number of short love poems for him. Show that you love him. Do not hold, do not tarry. Let your love be known. Great creative about showing the love you feel from deep down your heart.

Tell it to the world. I know you may want to show, but why do you only need to show, why not put it down in black and white. It could even be in form of a social media message. A lot of you may not believe in writing short love poems or short love letters, but you are here; at the right place.

Check out the creative romantic short love poems for him from your heart.

Short love poems for him – My Personal Person

I love my personal person
You are my protector
You are my confidant
You are my guide
You are my lover
You are my personal person

Short love poems for him – My Forever

You have promised to be with me
You have promised to support me
You have promised to be my one and only
You have promised to be my forever

Short poems for him – Forever and a day

Yesterday I hoped for today
Today is here and I hope for tomorrow
When tomorrow comes
I will hope for forever
Because you are my forever and always

Short love poems for him – Street fighter

When the time for fisticuffs come
You will show your huge muscles and thick fists
When disagreements arise, you will fight with everything in you
To protect your love
And make sure everything ends well
My fighter is who you are
My forever is who you will be

Short love poems for him – My highness

You get me high like Marijuana
You take me on an ascendancy that is way high up
You fill me with intense highness of full crescendo
You are high and have made me high
I feel high whenever I am with you






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