Romantic short love poems for her. Sometimes we need to get creative and make up a couple of romantic short love poems for her. A lot of us search everywhere for the poems to use in representing our desires. Now you need to search no more!

Your short love poems for her does not have to be long. In some cases, you only need to make it short to pass the message you need. The short love poems for her is all you need to ensure that everything you say is important and every word you have taken time to structure your points to pass your message home counts.

Ladies are suckers for love poems trust me. I have been there and done that, and this is the time to share the wealth of knowledge with you.

Remember that when writing short love poems for her. Every word is a function of your choice. It is just like pouring your heart out on tiny bits of letters to make a lasting impression on your woman.

Short love poems for her – My Muse

My heart beats in sweet surrender
My thoughts dance in sweet reactions
My spirit flows with immense abundance
You are the very essence of my living
My true beginning and ever ending
You are my true life story

Short love poems for her – You dance in the rain

You dance in the rain
While I bask in the sun
Your shiny velvet body rocks my black soul
Your support is an incandescent light
That lights up my path to fulfillment

Short love poems for her – My star

When the stars light up the sky
You should know that one shines brighter than the others
So is your star in my life my love
You shine even to light my darkest parts

Short love poems for her – My last day

If today were to be my last day
I would wish I spend it by your side
I want your sweet caress to usher me into the heavens
Where the almighty will welcome me as you wished

Short love poems for her – My desire

Your lips speaks of love whenever they meet mine
Your body reeks of affection whenever our body touches
Your eyes motions me to the direction that love wills us
Your hands are so filled with bodily desires that I can’t comprehend








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