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saturday evening prayers

Saturday Evening Prayers – Whether all you want to do is a simple evening prayer, daily evening prayer, short evening prayer, powerful evening prayers, evening prayer catholic for your Saturday, evening prayer quotes on Saturday, evening prayer before sleep, evening prayer catholic liturgy of the hours? What is important here is you can use these Saturday evening prayers for any kind of prayers for your week or your weekend.

Saturday evening prayers for you

1. Dear Lord Almighty, we thank you for being with us through the morning, noon and evening. We give you glory and praise for surrounding us with beautiful lights and filling our lives with brightness to light up all darkness. We pray today oh God that you have mercy on us and fold us up in the brightness of your light. Let our lights shine in this world that people may see you in us and appreciate your wonder in our lives. Amen

2. Give us the grace, king of glory so that we can help others just as you have helped us. Help me oh with the light of charity so that it can burn and affect other people positively. Let me live in your light and brightness and let me walk in you under your protection. Be with me this Saturday and bless my family and friends. Amen.

3. Dear King of glory, you have taught me to trust you and believe in you. You have always taught me to call on you anytime I need your help, be it morning, noon or night. Heal us from the inside good Lord. Remove all form of darkness from our lives and let your eternal light shine in us so that we may may continually bask in your glory. Let your grace cover us everywhere we go through your power oh Lord. Amen.



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