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Can Separation Actually Do Some Good to Your Marriage?

When the entanglement story came up with the Smiths in July 2020, one thing that stood out was that they were separated at the time. It had people arguing a lot of things about the situation then. However, the couple claimed that this time apart gave them time to work on themselves and their marriage while apart and come back stronger.

We have seen, and heard couples claim that separation was good for their marriage, while others have claimed it was what exactly they needed to walk away. Statistics have stated that over 80% of marriages that go through separation never return from it as it ultimately leads to divorce.

Can Separation Actually Do Some Good to Your Marriage?

Pros of separation in marriage

  • Sometimes, it gives both parties a reason to miss the other person: Marriage is a forever experience, and sometimes it may be hard to get along with after a while. Sometimes, they need to be away from each other to remember why they first fell in love with each other.
  • Other times, if one party is wrong and is most likely the reason for the separation, it gives them time to reflect on their actions and consequences. Maybe the possibility of losing the other person may help them put things into perspective and realize that they cannot repeat the actions that led them here.
  • There is also the part where both parties can approach the issue from personal prisms, away from blaming and fighting. They can both, while away from each other, access the actions that led here, and see where they failed, then when they come together, they work it out.

Regardless of whether the separation leads to reconciliation or not, you must have a great team of attorneys from this URL on your side to ensure you are protected during and after the ordeal. This way, you can try your best to save the marriage or walk away and still be comfortable.

Cons of separation in marriage

  • Sometimes one partner is not interested in reconciliation: Separation just gives them a reason to be away from the other partner, destroying every possible chance at a reconciliation between the two of them.
  • There is also a chance that one person is already cheating: Now separation just gives them time to meet with the other person and spend more time with them. In cases like these, coming back together to have a conversation is just this person telling the other that they have fallen in love with another person and would now rather walk.
  • Finally, a separation process can take so long that both parties have gotten used to the other person not being in their life. When this happens, a divorce is imminent.

How to go about separation

Can Separation Actually Do Some Good to Your Marriage?

Separation is a rather delicate process, and both parties must handle it with carefulness, especially when they want to save the marriage.

  1. The first thing both parties must do is decide how much time they are willing to spend apart: Unnecessarily long separation time is bad for reconciliation. They must never be apart from each other for so long that they get used to being apart.
  2. They both must decide to get counseling, either together or separately: This is because they obviously cannot solve the problems they are facing alone, hence the separation.
  3. If there are kids involved, there has to be a way to tell them, a central language spoken by both parties to the children: The same goes for other family members, and there must be a central language spoken to the family members. On no account should one of the parties start saying things to trash the other person unless they look at a ‘no reconciliation’ plan.
  4. Finally, they both must agree on rules concerning dating: Most people had an opinion on the Smiths because they assumed that Will did not know that Jada was going to get into another relationship while they were separated. While a couple is going through a separation, are they allowed to see other people, or is it something they both must refrain from doing. Dating during separation is a tricky situation, as it may be what stops every chance of reconciliation. Ergo, it must be decided on.

Whether a separation time gives strength to a marriage, or it is the one nail on that coffin, one thing is clear, both parties find clarity. In that time apart, both parties look at their lives away from each other and see how much they hate or love it.

While we cannot state for a fact that the time apart is good for them or bad for them, we know that they got answers. There would never be a ‘yes, or no’ answer to the question ‘can separation do some good to your marriage?’

There are always going to be grey areas.

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