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Marriage Proposal Speech Ideas You Should Learn From Here

Marriage Proposal speech

Marriage Proposal speech: You want to make a marriage proposal to the woman you love; you are short of the words to use to convince her of your genuineness. Don’t panic, I am going to share some ideas you can use to establish a standard marriage proposal speech to be said to your beloved lady. Be natural in your speech and never ever make the mistake of allowing her sense that you memorized the lines of your proposal to her. If she understands this, she will take you for granted and feel like you are not serious about it. Look smart and serious. Don’t laugh; don’t smile until she accepts the proposal.

You can use any of our suggestions below to customize what to say to the woman you wish to marry. I’m sure they won’t fail you when used well.

1. Sound Natural not Like a Robot

Although she is a queen to you, be kind enough to approach her in the most sincere manner. Don’t be scared and never allow her to see you like a trembling robot or an actor who is rehearsing a line of his character for the first time. Memorize the lines to say to her and then rehearse thoroughly before approaching her so that you will look serious before her.

2.  Don’t Worry About Been Choked in the Process

Your lady already is used to your person. Don’t worry about being choked in the process of proposing to her, just be emotional enough to convince her that you really love her. Your gesture really matters before telling her the magic words “Will you marry me?”

3. Remind her of the Story of your Feelings for her

Ladies love it when you make them look important. They will be ready to appreciate any other thing you have to say to them. Tell her how you felt the first time you met; tell her how much you have wanted to be married all these years. Let her understand that she is the kind of woman you need and want for your children. If you are sincere in your speech,there is true love between both of you and she is ready to get married, she will accept your proposal.

4. Let her know what you Admire Most about Her

Just like I mentioned in the above point, women, in general, have this feeling of importance especially when the compliment is coming from the man they love so much. Shortly before pulling her hand to insert the ring, tell her many beautiful things you love about her such as her character, her beauty, her patience, how she has been a good support to you etc. Let her understand that if she becomes your wife, things will be easier for you to handle than being married to someone else.

5. Tell her the Impact her Presence has in your Life

Be romantic in your speech, be confident enough to approach her in the most emotional manner. Look responsible, be man enough to tell her how her presence in your life has changed it. Tell her how your life has improved with her as part of it. Tell her that it is the reason why you want to marry her and then use the words “Will you marry me?” to hear her response.

6. Give her the Future Hope

Tell her about the future. Tell her your dreams about a future with her. Let her know that you really want to spend the rest of your life with her. If you can convince her enough with true love and sincerity, there is every possibility that she will respond positively to you. Every woman feels reluctant in the beginning when you propose love to them but it depends on the man to convince them to accept.

7. Take her to a Special Place

Look for a special place where people are always gathered, entertain her, buy things she likes most for her to eat or use, tell her stories about good marriage and then remind her of how happy you were the first time you met her. Tell her how her impact has been a good one since the day you started dating. After the whole entertainment, it is time to use the four famous words “Will you marry me?”

8. Propose in Commercial Bus

Propose to the woman of your heart in the commercial bus by persuading other passengers to sing a love song that’s in line with your love story with her. A kind of popular song no one can resist when heard but must sing it.

9. Break the Traffic Law for Love

You may be scared and think this is crazy. You may think that if you break the traffic law for a marriage proposal people will go mad at you. But there is one thing about causing traffic, everyone affected will be wondering how it happened. They want to know the cause, in that process, their mind is not focused on getting angry but a solution. Once the people realize that the traffic was caused by a marriage proposal they will marvel because majority of the crowd are married men and women who understand what marriage is.  This is another amazing way to act before telling your fiancee you want to marry her.

10. Pick a Simple Place where Staffs of a company are gathered

There was a tax inspector that proposed to his teacher girlfriend on the platform at South Woodford station. His name was Will Gull while the girlfriend’s name was Katie Grammer. As soon as she replied to the “Will you marry me”? Question, the underground staffs, and passengers cheered them up.  This same platform was where the couple met five years ago. In fact, Katie confessed that “but for that fateful tube journey I might never have met Will, fallen in love and married him, so I am very grateful to London underground”.

11. Girls Love Romance so Much

If you want a girl to fall more in love with you and then approve of your request quickly, try all it takes to be romantic. If you are not naturally witty to romance, learn it by all available means. Ladies love their special memories, so this should be part of your plan of attack. A lasting memory in the mind of a girl will be a proposal from her boyfriend. Truly, she must have actually made up her mind to marry her boyfriend but still need a special scene to make the moment of the proposal very romantic. Seriously, girls are romantic so find a way to make the day of your proposal memorable too by uttering the question “Will you marry me?”

12. There are some things you shouldn’t Say in a Proposal

Are you a poet? You know very well that you are not a poet and the issue of marriage is a serious one, therefore, you must not look like one flippant driver in the motor park. Avoid the use of poetry in your proposal, just try all you can to be romantic enough until you tell her your mind. One more reason why you should avoid poetry totally is that it spoils the surprise. It is clumsy unless you are a poet otherwise you will look like a joker before her. Be mature enough in your conduct, move close to her gently, kneel down and tell her the proposal speech.

13. Marriage Proposal Does not Need Humor

Firstly, you must accept that you are not going before the lady to crack anything close to a joke. You are proposing to a ‘would be’ wife if she eventually accepts. Show her this respect with all responsible composure. Don’t look childish by mixing smile and shyness together. These are permissible only when she has accepted your proposal otherwise, joke with your proposal and be a loser. Show her how you really want her to be your future wife.

14. Why are you too playful?

Naturally, being too playful brings down your respect before people. They seriously take you for granted and will never take any of your matter seriously. Come to think of it, today being your proposal day to a future wife, will you actually want to look foolish before her? Will you want to lose the chance of making an effort of months or years count today? So for this reason, ensure that you make the scene as emotional as possible until you finally achieve your goal. Tell her gently that you love her and why you decided to settle down with her. Tell her the kind of woman she is and why she is the perfect person for you. Lastly, ask her if she will marry you.

15. What you should say while proposing

You may be speechless or clueless about what to say when proposing to a woman. Remember, a man and a woman are two different creatures, with a different psychological background. you must be skillful to know what to say and how not to appear as a comedian. Don’t be a copycat; be natural as you can only express yourself based on your personality. This is why you must watch your personality right from the beginning. Some guys are too dull while some are charged emotionally. Their charisma alone will make the woman overwhelmed with joy not knowing what is about to happen. Don’t just stand before her stammering as if you are a vibrator, say words that mean a sense of wanting to secure the assumed responsibility. Don’t use words that answer the questions of probabilities. Avoid words like “ I would like to”, “I would want to’, use words that are straight forward and hit the nail on the head. Use words like “I want to”, I love you” ‘I will do every for you” etc.

16. Be Calm in Your Speech

You can’t just be in a haste to propose to a woman. Every beautiful word you chose to dazzle her heart must be said gently. You can say something as beautiful as the one below or a better speech.

“The first day I set my eyes on you, I realized that you will be the best woman for me.  I saw in your eyes the best mother for my unborn kids. I saw the true burning desire to be your husband in your own eyes that beautiful day.  I want to share every moment with you, I want to be the one to wake up next to you every single day of my life. Believe me, I will take care of you, and will never let you cry (She might possibly shed tears here or show some emotion that shows her readiness to accept your proposal) at this point, reveal the ring box and remove the ring, insert it in her finger and ask “Will you marry me?”

Believe me, if she is truly in love with you, your words will be registered in her mind and will move her to tears. Bravo!

17. Tell her what you Thought of her the first Day you met her

If you can remind a woman of the first time you met her and how romantic and gorgeous she was when you met her, there is every possibility that her love will increase for you. This approach triggers the emotion of a woman; it renews her love for you. Tell her how you felt the first time you met her, tell her how your heart was arrested by her beauty, tell her how amazing she is and why you chose her as the perfect woman to share your emotion with. Remember those romantic words such as these ones below:

” When I first met you, I never knew you will wipe away my past pains. In fact, you are God sent, an angel that brings comfort to my heart. Out of a million girls, I have selected you as the most important one to me. You are better than the rest before me a million beautiful ways I cannot comprehend. I love you, I need you and I can’t stop adoring your beauty and good character. Will you marry me”?  Don’t remind her of anything funny or annoying, you won’t actually like to be made a laughing stock.

18. Recall when you actually decided to spend the rest of your life with her

Try and recall the specific event when it occurred to you that you will love her to be the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. Ask, was it when you quarreled with her and she controlled the situation with wisdom and maturity? Was it when she went to a restaurant with you and then you observe some true features about her which you were able to confirm that it is not pretense? It could be the time she came over when you were sick or so.

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