Short Love Poems: Love Poems To Her The One You Love

Love poems to her the one you love

Love poems to her the one you love. I can bet you loving a woman can be as challenging as it sounds. This is usually the case when you keep asking yourself, what exactly does your woman need? Truth is, we all have different wants and needs because we different. Sure thing is a man is different from a woman, and how we show love to each other is quite as similar as it is different.

Sometimes we ask ourselves, how can we provide for our lover the way we want to. It takes just more than enough to be a better partner, and one of those ways is by sending short love poems to her the one you love.

See what you need to do? Read through all the poems and relieve just what is in my head and ensure that you send as many as possible love poems to her the one you love.

Short love poems to her the one you love:

1 Will it be fine you if I request for your time?
Will it be fine if I tell you that you are mine?
Will it be fine if I open up my heart
Will it be fine if you play your own part?
Will it be fine if I say I want to feel?
The only thing that makes me real?
Will it be fine if you continue to smile?
Will it be fine if I take you on my mile?
Will it be fine if I kiss you on your lips
Will it be fine if I place my hands on your hips?
I know you have had a terrible past
But I intend to love you so fast
Will it be fine If I place on close to the shore?
Will it be fine if I chase those that call you a whore?
Will it be fine If I asked you never to tell lies?
Will it be fine if I asked that you tell me as I look into your eyes?
Will it be fine if I decided to write you a rhyme
So I could spend the day taking some of your time?
Will it be fine if I tell you I love you?
Because you are the one that I love and this is true?

2 Your body is so succulent and red
Whenever I touch you and want to get a head
Your fineness is so splufic and warm
and it shines through the heaviest storm
You shine so bright even in the sky at night
That I cannot stare at you because I feel so high
The way I feel for you is so fun and true
And I can’t just stop boasting about you
I know I have found my one and only
And I can’t wait to love so really
I will always stand by you now and forever
Even when bad things happen, I will never
Leave you to yourself, that is an assumption
That I never ever want to be a form of consumption

3 You are the best person I can’t stay without
And you have seen that yesterday no doubt
I crave for your attention whenever you are with me
That is why I cling to you and nudge close so real
You may be doubting and think I am not the one
But I will make all the empty doubts all gone
You are special in your own little way
And I want you never to run away
I love you everyday
I want to support you in everyway

I wish everyday I can stand by you
But then we need to be with someone new
To confirm what we can scale through
Whenever I am not with you
I wish to be with you tomorrow
So we can plan how we will live on the morrow
I hope that you come back again this time
So that I can make you stay till nine

See now I want to propose a toast
To you the one person I love the most
I pray that we go so far in life and have fun
Because you are my love and our love has won

Please don’t ever get angry at me
I need you now without you being mean
You are the only person I can’t stay without

4  I  always think there is no one
Who could shine as bright as the sun
I always think no one can make me feel complete
But now I am resigned in all defeat

You have surprised me my one and only
Now I know that I can never be lonely
You came into my life with all the care
Now I have seen somebody in this life so rare
We will come together till eternity as one
And you will give me children from where we begun

You have lightened up my soul
And my life and been made so whole
I feel the passion of your love by your caress
As you lay me down touching my chest

Remember all those things we have lost before
Today and tomorrow they will be back as more
In this life, out love is as strong as iroko tree
And we will grow strong, wild and free

You have showed me how to love so dear
And forever I will appreciate your love right here
You have been with me through many ups and downs
Even when I decided I wanted to skip town

You came into my life like the ray of the sun above
And we will never be apart for once my love
Your love is so different in that unique way
And I don’t want to forever continue to pay

5 I hold a special in my heart for you and me
I will recreate our bond so tight and not free
Our passion will live above the light
That everyone can see within their sight
Our love will stand the test of time
It will be as strong as the back spine

I hope you love all the collections of love poems to her the one you love. Feel free to drop your comments below and find love within the poems.

Short Love Poems: Love poems to her the one you love.

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