Short Love Poems – Will You Be My Wife Poems

will you be my wife

I wonder how my proposal to the love of my life will be? How I am going to ask her if she will be my wife. Do I just simply ask her will you be my wife?

I want to ponder a little and reflect on how we started out in our relationship. It was topsy-turvy with all manner of thorns in the middle of the fun. We had our fair share of fights and love in all manner of forms and ways. She is someone I can decide to spend the rest of my life, since I can deal with her imperfections.

Truth is no one is perfect, me, you or even that girlfriend you are looking at every possibility to marry. Have you decided on asking her if she will be your wife?

I know the ‘will you be my wife proposal’ time can be scary for you as a man. The following questions might even pop up in your mind. Will she be my wife? Will she say yes? When is the perfect time? Should I tarry a bit? Is she expecting my proposal? Should I buy a ring? What type of ring should I buy? And many more questions.

Yes, I really empathize with the situation but then proposing seem to be inevitable as humans that we are. We should propose to that we can get married and live happy ever after!

So, go ahead, find the perfect location and pop the ‘Will you be my wife’ question to your wife. Ask her if she will marry you, you do not need to fear anything. What is yours will be yours. Do not hesitate. Find your happiness in love and declare your togetherness forever as soon as you are ready for it.

I have decided to share some Will you be my wife poems for you to read to that you will be motivated to pop the proposal question.

Will you be my wife?

The girl in my past
The girl who loved me fast
The girl who is for me
Will you be my wife?

The girl who doesn’t change
The girl who drives my range
The girl who doesn’t cringe
Will you be my wife?

You keep me in full motion
So I will be filled with emotion
With you there is simply no commotion
Will you be my wife?

You have given me the light
Now I shine so bright
You made loving feel so right
Will you be my wife?

You possess certain kind of power
Enough to make bread from my flour
You made me look less of a liar
Will you be my wife?

You have always loved me with all your heart
Even when I decided not to play my part
You still acted so much easy to catch
Will you be my wife?

When the road went tough
And everything became so rough
Still you stayed till it became all puff
Will you be my wife?

It is time to bring you out of your hide
So you can just stay by my side
And be everything and my ride
Will you be my wife?

I promise to stand by you
I will make sure I am still true
And no matter the power of the rule
Will you be my wife?

Even when there is a lot atrocity
I will love you with all sincerity
Because there is bound to be adversity
Will you be my wife?

You are the only one I want in my life
You are the best for me I won’t lie
You made me feel so baked like a pie
Yet I want you to be my wife!

Will you be my life?

I gave up on love
After so much hurt
And then you came through the door
And said I should hurt no more

The day you said that
Was the day I almost fell apart
Yet you opened your heart
And received me with so much tact

We are 2 years together
We will be in love forever
When I wake up in the morning
I thank God for his blessing

He gave me a beautiful one
To show me that I have won
And just before I tell you I am gone
You will be my now and beyond

Everything I own
Even the one I owe
Are for you my gold
One for now and for the road

You are an amazing lady
Your love makes me giddy
That is why now I am ready
For you my one and only baby

I have this beautiful butterflies
Flying in my tummy like flies
Even when I hold my today right
I will never leave you by the night

You need to know my dear baby
That you are my one and only lady
But before I rest on your body
I’d like to ask if you will be my life?

I want to ask you, will you be my wife?

I have been itching to tell you
Words from my so true
My heart beats so fast
But I do not want to be the last
My tongue is stuck within my mouth
Whenever I want to say it out loud
My blood drains from my face
Even when I want to talk anyways

I have been itching to tell you
About a dream I had so true
I saw that you were running fast
And that you were not the last
You made a way to pass the route
Even when you knew you may not get out
I screamed as if I was in the race
And then you turned and smile in your frantic pace

I have been itching to say this
But I will mention it before I take a piss
I am in love with you and I don’t want to miss
That lifetime opportunity of so much bliss

Will you be my wife?

I hope I have inspired you enough to pop the proposal question; will you be my wife? Now you can go ahead and take ownership of your love.


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