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Singles Dating platform on WhatsApp: The Singles For Wedlock group, an online platform renowned for bringing together eligible bachelors and spinsters from all over the country under one umbrella, recently held their 3rd hangout/meet on the 8th of December 2018 at Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria.

The get-together had been long in coming, as members of the forum craved an opportunity to put a face to the various names and characters which were on the interactive forum. After much planning and overcoming much of the hiccups which had characterized previous efforts at convening it, the stage was successfully set for the opportune atmosphere of fanfare, interaction, games, and everything that made a hangout of its cadre memorable and worthwhile.

In actual fact, the Singles For Wedlock group has been in existence for upwards of two years and has been one of the leading hookup forums in the country. Online dating websites and means of finding internet love have suddenly become rife in the country due to the nature of the jobs of a lot of people and forums like this have become handy, to bring people who are of marriageable age and disposition together. The Singles For Wedlock platform has recorded a number of successes and weddings, as more and more people have been trooping to the site to test the waters of their luck in finding their soul mates.

It was to this end that the hangout was organized, to get the people under a fun atmosphere to really see themselves, interact better, and possibly get it kicking from there, and for all intents and purposes, the hangout was a grand success.

The day began with the convener and president of the online community, Mr. Ayoola Faseyi, delivering his keynote address which dwelt on the aims and objectives of the group, as well as the history so far. He talked on the challenges the group has faced so far, the trying times as well as the successes the group has recorded by way of weddings that had been consummated, as well as relationships which were altar-bound that were in the offing. He implored members to keep faith with the ideals of the group, and like others before them, finding their better halves was a sure thing. He was seconded by his assistant, Miss Annie Umolo who re-iterated the position of her boss and urged members to keep an open mind and realize that love could be found anywhere, including the most unexpected of places. She dismissed the general worldview that the world of internet dating was all sad tales of negativity, suspicion and doused expectations, citing the fact that the successes which had been recorded as well as which will be recorded were more of a testimony to that fact. She thus on that note bade the floor open for what would happen, whatever it was but she wanted to hear hookup stories from it all to which everyone cheered and clapped.

The atmosphere was as exciting as it was infectious. Groups of people who had only seen themselves on the screens of their tablets and phones were overjoyed to have a firsthand feel of themselves visually speaking. A member, Mr. Eric Usman, recounting his experiences, confessed that he never knew that SFW could have such a fine array of handsome men and beautiful women.

A lot of things contributed to the fact that the hangout was characterized by mad fun, interaction and pleasurable meetings. There were games of all sorts, pairings using games of different sorts, which pitched a male against a female and made things easier for a hookup. In one of the games, a male was given a piece of paper with a number and it as matched with a female with the same number, and from there, interactions began and things hit off from there. There was also the Truth or Dare game, where questions would be asked that the respondent must give answers to or pay a certain fine which ranged from monetary penalties to whatever the questioner desired. The men who had been craving a secret opportunity to talk to the ladies they admired on the group, had ample opportunity to make their fantasies true. One of them, Seyi Collins confessed that he never knew that his secret crush, Annie had such a beautiful soul, and this was the consequence of the private talk he was able to have with her at the hangout. He said she was loaded with such mass of intelligence and brains and was an amazing conversation holder and sustainer. He later confided in one of the respondents that he didn’t believe he could find her insanely attractive.

For some others, there were lessons to draw from the hangout, one of them Osas Aigbovo, commented that he would never again judge someone by his or her online character. He confessed that there were some members of the group he attributed certain behaviors too, but on meeting them, he met with a completely different persona, an occurrence that made him pleasantly surprised. As a matter of fact, in his words, ‘people don’t always look how they act or type.’

SFW Singles dating platform on Whatsapp – The Pairing

For some other people, it was an opportunity to actually meet other ones for the first time. The games and pairings really paid off, for it made things easier and broke the ice which was a hitherto difficult thing to do, and it was an array of smiling, fun-filled faced littered all over the venue that evening. Annie concluded that she will get to know anyone she meets up, close and personal before writing the person off.

Needless to say, music flowed and the master of ceremony, Mr. Adewale Adeseye was on hand to ensure smooth coordination of the proceedings, to which all the members testified in glowing terms of. At the end of the event, souvenirs were distributed, which consisted of bags and some household items. The highlight of the event was the announcement by Miss Annie on behalf of the platform conveners the introduction of 2 months bonus matchmaking for all attendees, this was greeted with applause and ovation.

Summarily, the Singles For Wedlock single dating hangout was a resounding success and each of the members who graced the occasion had very positive and encouraging accounts of it to give. As a matter of fact most of them were actually desirous of another holding soon, to which the president graciously promised to look into.





After the event, attendees shared their experiences.

According to Miss Jeniffer Egbeku, she praised the organizers for doing their jobs well. Her words:

“The hangout was well planned and executed. The introduction, games, and pairing of members was a big step and made it more fun. The gifts were unexpected, the admins really tried in that”

Mr. Bosei Botunimimene hailed the group for being so open-minded. Hear him:

“I’m honored SFW House. To be in a group that has a vision and mission to educate and matchmake the open-minded populace”

Mr. Kolapo Oluwatomi, another attendee, said:

“Well, it is cool, beautiful faces, beautiful people, nice environment, it’s awesome I ‘ll say”

single dating group on whatsapp

In the words of Mr. Olajide Olanrewaju:

“The hangout was lovely, organized in a matured way. The organizers are wonderful! Infact, you people did more than what we paid. We only paid token..compared to what you did. I really enjoyed it. Thanks a lot.”

Miss Taiwo Iregbeyen claimed it was an ample opportunity to mingle and learn. According to her:

“It was a great time at SFW hangout. Had fun. Most importantly I met great people off the background.

It was to me, a platform and opportunity to mingle learn, experience life whilst being realistic enough.”

Miss Mosunmola Amoo, one of the Hangout organizers in her remarks, said:

” Thank you so much for coming and thanks for mingling with one another. I really hope and pray this hangout will give birth to beautiful testimonies.

See you all at the next hangout by God’s grace and of course, being married”

Miss Olufunmi Hefkay also part of the organizers, was moved by the relative tranquility and composure of the members. In her words:

“The hangout was an opportunity to test the waters, to see areas of improvement on subsequent ones but your satisfaction with the event not only soothes us but offers us the opportunity to do better. We are happy you enjoyed the event”

For Williams Babatunde, everything about the day was fun and pleasurable. In his words:

“There were several highlights which were the hallmark of the memorable event. The sights and sounds of the venue, the culinary, the gifts, the photographs and most importantly meeting Sfwites in person.Not to mention the organizing team that did not disappoint by making every penny contributed count.”

The Chairman SFW 2018 Hangout Planning Committee who also doubles as an administrator of the platform, Miss Annie Umolo had this to say after the event:

I want to also use this opportunity to thank Mr. Ayoola for creating this wonderful platform and conceiving the idea of this singles meet-up. I am honored to meet wonderful, handsome kings and queens.

In addition, I want to say never judge a book by its cover

I had the opportunity to speak with some persons that I will admit that most of us have judged from appearance, they seem different from who we thought they were in the virtual world. Let’s really get to know each other before writing that person off because I feel that is one of the reasons some of us do not get results as much as we wanted. And to my wonderful team who worked tirelessly to make it tick

You guys are the best and I would love to work with you all again. Thank you all once again. Hoping to see you all very soon again”

Just in case you are that Nigerian single lady or man looking for single dating groups to join, connect and find your soulmate, then the Singles for Wedlock Whatsapp group and Telegram group is where you should head to?

Do you want to drop the single dating group on Whatsapp? Then drop your details below. You can also connect with The convener here on Whatsapp and on Telegram.

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