I Need A Serious Relationship That Will Lead To Marriage in 2018: Even though it may sound funny but nothing is impossible. She needs a serious relationship that will lead to marriage in 2018. Why not 2019?

Every month, I receive messages like this either from my email or from a content that was drawn from one of our contributors, you can read the content about Nigerian men/ ladies looking for love here.

This message was sent to me on my Whatsapp and I thought to share:

Hi Deedee, my name is Sophia and I subscribed to your blog in August this year, a post on Postinor 2 and that of Nigerian men looking for love brought me here. I stayed for a while longer and I see the amazing job you are doing here to internet users. Thank you for this gift of a blog.

I recently lost a man I was dating for 5 years to the fact that he traveled abroad without informing me. I was devastated truly! How can a man I loved with everything just leave me to the winds knowing fully well that I truly loved him? How could he have just abandoned me like that?

This happened in January 2018 and despite initial pain, I felt at first, I have walked through the process and I have healed and ready to love again. Please just in case you have a man between 28-35 who is emotionally ready to find love and get into a relationship, then I am ready to meet with him.

Please note that he must be a Christian and should be passionate about his work or business. I have plans for my future as I currently manage a clothing store.

Oops, I am 28 years of age, Yoruba from Osun State. 5 feet 4 inches and a little plumpy on my edges.

This is one amongst the numerous messages I receive from ladies and men who want to hook up, have serious relationships, some even want Sugar Mummy and Daddies. What do you think guys? Should we take it off the blog and create a Whatsapp group for these people so they can find love?

Or just limit it to this place and let people who are interested in each other link up? Please let me know your views, it is time Deedeesblog is taken to another level.

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