Take These 6 Steps Right After A Bike-Car Crash

Getting hit by a car while you are on your bicycle can be a really dangerous thing, especially if you are on the open road where both you and the motor vehicles are going at a higher speed.

These crashes can cause you serious damage that could alter the course of your life. That is why you need to know exactly what to do in case something like this ever happens to you, and this goes out to all the bicycle lovers out there. Follow this article to learn what to do right after a bike-car crash.

What to do right after a bike-car crash?

Accidents like these can often happen and you always have to be aware of that, as well as extra careful on the road because you are in far more danger as a cyclist compared to being a car driver.

But whatever happens to you, there are always things that you have to do right after the crash happens. These steps will help you deal with the accident more easily and there will be no further headaches. Here are the 6 steps you must do.

Steps Right After A Bike-Car Crash

Lawyer up

An important thing in these cases is to get a lawyer, especially if you have suffered a personal injury, or you God forbid lost someone in a crash. According to https://bestbicycleaccidentlawyer.com/ if there is a collision where someone got hurt or died, you need an experienced attorney.

Even if you do not feel like there is a need to get lawyers involved, they can still be of help as consultants. Maybe there is something you’ve missed and can pay off in the end.

Call 911 and get the police and EMS on the scene

Right after the crash, if you are not injured too badly, call for a police officer and an emergency medical service (EMS) because you will both want to file a report and get help in case of an injury.

If you are hurt too badly, try getting someone else to do it. After the police arrive, make sure to tell them all the details of the crash and that the officer gets your side of the story. After it is done, make sure it is accurate because you may need it if a lawsuit comes up.

Ask for a copy of the police report

You should have all the official information with you so make sure to get a copy of the report after the crash especially if you are planning on filing a claim with the driver’s insurance company.

Also, never discuss anything with the insurance company because they might use the information against you. That is why you should get a lawyer.

Only give statements to the police

You mustn’t share any details with other people at this point and only focus on law enforcement. Anything you spill out in front of the other party or even the eyewitnesses can bite you back in court.

You should only talk to the police about this and nobody else because they will have your best interest in mind.

Take photos

If you are not injured too badly, you should take your time and take photos that prove that the driver is guilty and that you have the right to compensation.

When you are doing this, make sure that you capture every detail you can see, because everything you find: the position of the car, your injuries, the damage is done to the bike, tire tracks from breaking.

All of these photos will surely be useful to your attorney and the court if you are filing a claim or a lawsuit. If you have everything with yourself there will be nothing stopping you from getting the damages payment you deserve.

Steps Right After A Bike-Car Crash

Get the contact information of the witnesses

Accidents always attract a bunch of people, and the ones who were passing by as it happened will usually be curious about how things turn out. Well, they might also be your best friends at that moment since they could testify in your favor in court.

That is why you should listen to what they have to say about what they have seen when the crash happened, especially if you know that it was not your fault and that you should get compensated.

After you listen to the story you should write down their contact information to keep in touch when further investigation takes place, as well as when the case is taken to court.

There, now you know what to do after you suffered a bike-car crash. Make sure to get a lawyer because they can help you with every next step and consult you whenever you need them. Call the police and the EMS and only talk to authorities.

Get the information from the witnesses because they could help you during the case, and also take photos to have material evidence of the damages. In any case, be careful on the road!

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