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The last time, I was here, I was here with you.
I remember the preparations towards the journey, I almost lost my sleep over the ecstasy of spending a whole week with you
We walked each miles, passing everywhere within our mark

As I walked through it alone now, I see your hands written all over the memories
Nothing is left alone to be new, just volumes of your name.
This is a journey of self work for me but the walls screams your name
The echo returns your laughter after almost a decades of storing it up.

It is like the dark is set out to haunt me, not after every night I remember the soft whispers in my ears.
Your voice I haven’t heard in a while but this place is doing unimaginable things to my mind.
The giggles, the stolen kisses, the plans and dreams
Everything is tumbling down like a storey water tank.

After just a day here, I want to go home
But the strong faced armed men placed at the entrance won’t even allow the thoughts dwell.
I will have to be here without you for as long as I’m redeemed to go back
Be here, to know the map all over again and this time, it is just for my survival

And be sure that, before the end of my stay, your voice will still be haunting me
Your memories would have fade away.
Do you know how I would do that?

I did remember some parts too,I didn’t only remember the good sweet part about us,
I also remember how a dick ass you were too when we were here.
There is this girl everyone wants then but you repeatedly said it to my face that it is me you want
You looked into my eyes and yet went back on your words, that I can’t forgive you.

You were only here to make up a shift believe for how many days?
Before you found yourself crawling back to beg for mercy with her
You shameless human, where was your pride?
Oh, and I can’t still get the thoughts past me that, maybe I was the bait to her.
You told me, it was about us but I guessed it wasn’t after all.

But I’m not sure a fool to think it is worth dwelling on.
So,I’m going to have fun and forget about you.
After my redemption, your memories won’t exist a dim.
I forgive you over again.



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