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Last week, I walked into my friend, Ogo’s office with another girlfriend of mine and I couldn’t but notice the direction of the gaze of the men in that office as we entered. You need to see how their gaze synced, ¬†and stared lustfully at Thonia’s movement from the entrance to the desk of my friend.

You can imagine a sexy, curvy babe entering into your office at 11am when you are racking your brain, trying to get a deliverable out.

As if staring was not enough, three men jumped from their seats to meet us as we moved closer to the exit door, asking Thonia unnecessary¬†questions; requesting for who she was there to see ( as if they did not see us walk to Ogo’s desk) and tried to exchange business cards and stuff, still staring lustfully!

My gaze fell on their fingers and I noticed that they all had their wedding bands on the fingers. Crazy!

I am sure they have beautiful wives at home, so why lust after another girl? Ordinarily you think, maybe they do not love their wives enough, right?

Which brings me to the ‘pinching’ question I have in mind:

Is love enough to stop a partner from cheating?

Love definitely is not enough to keep a partner from cheating on you. Haven’t you heard of the phrase, I really do love her/him but yet I still cheated on him/her.

So many relationships have broken on the account of infidelity and not on the account that the other partner doesn’t love as much as he/she should do, even though that’s yet another factor that creates break up among lovers but the issue of cheating doesn’t even have to do with love or not.

It is solely based on the character and credibility of the person(s) involved in the relationship.

Cheating is by choice.

See what those married men did! They had a choice of just staring and resuming back to their work deliverables but they ‘chose’ to stand up to Thonia with their lustful intentions! Hmmn!!

Nobody was boxed to a corner to cheat, it either comes as a point of insecurity or non-contentment, desires or just an act of selfishness, jealousy or the “I want to cheat” syndrome.

Your partner might be cheating due to a lot of reasons or for just one reason or for no reason at all.

So, don’t be confused if your partner tells you and even shows you he/she loves you and yet can’t keep from cheating on you, then it is better to know love is not enough to keep people from cheating on you.

Don’t get it wrong, I’m not saying love can’t keep your partner from cheating on you, I’m only saying love is not enough in most cases, it takes more personal traits like character and virtues combined with love to keep your partner from straying once in a while or permanently straying all the time.

So the next time you are disappointed because he or she shows or even truly loves you and yet can’t keep himself/herself to just you alone, don’t blame it on love but blame it on the personality of your partner.

Search for other things before committing yourself to a relationship. Find other credible things about your partner before deciding to give your better self to someone else. Look for virtues other than love when deciding to choose a partner.

It has been proven over time that love is never enough to keep a relationship, it takes just more than that, Find the personality and traits that will make your partner credible. Don’t date a serial liar and expect he/she not to cheat on you. Or someone who can’t even keep his/her words.

Look for the extra. Love is never enough to keep your partner from cheating on you,you need more and you deserve more.

Yours In Love


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