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thanksgiving day prayers

Thanksgiving Day Prayers – An amazing time to bring together family and friends is the thanksgiving day. The thanksgiving holiday affords all of us the opportunity to be thankful for God’s grace and blessings. There is nothing as amazing as giving thanks to God for an amazing year. He will so happy and send more blessings our way. Let your life reflect a life of gratitude to God for an amazing year. Happy thanksgiving to you.

Thanksgiving day prayers

1. Thanksgiving day prayers of grace

Heavenly father, thank for the grace and work that you have done in our lives. We acknowledge your mercy and grace in our lives. Thank you for the amazing love and care you bestowed on us. You sacrificed your son for us so that we can saved. Thank you for all you’ve done for me. I want to use this opportunity to pray again dear God, that you open the eyes of our hearts so we can see you more. Renew our body and spirits so we can live in peace in ourselves and in you. We love you Lord and we need you today and always. help us to overcome all temptations. May your name be praised. Amen.

2. Thanksgiving day prayer to ask God for happiness

Teach me oh Lord, to have a heart of thanksgiving. teach me to be happy and joyful all the time. Destroy the enemy that attempts to come my way. Make me a living testimony and give me the grace to make you happy today and everyday.

3. Thanksgiving day prayers of adoration

I will give thanks to you because you are my father and my God. I will exalt your name because you live in me and have set your glory in my life. How marvelous is your name oh Lord. You are a great God and how wonderful is your name. Thank you for this day of thanksgiving. I give you all the adoration oh Lord.

4. Thanksgiving day prayers

Thank you dear God for the food you have given us. Thank you for the mouth we have to eat. Thank you for the blessings of the past year and the blessings to come. Thank you for the mercies and forever that will live with us forever. Thank you for the various times you have said ‘Yes’ to our requests. Thank you for all the answered prayers. Thank you for supporting us and lifting us when we are low. Thank you for the things you have given. Thank you for all the beautiful spiritual ministrations. Thank you for everything Dear God, I thank you.

5. Thank you for the doors you have closed, for we know you are preparing us for a bigger opened door. Thank you for helping us to move away from locations where you don’t want us. Thank you for healing us from physical and spiritual pains. Thank you for not allowing us suffer because you are gracious God. Thank you Lord for all the times when we do not have, because this has made us believe and have faith in you more. Thank you for the certainties and uncertainties, it has made us realize that you are the God who can make a rain where there is no rain. Thank you for everything, May your name be worshiped forever. Thank you Lord!

6. When we thought there was no one around to save us, you have always come through for us. When we experienced loss and pain, you will always be there to comfort our souls. When we cry in hopelessness and despair, you made us see the sunshine in the rain. When we thought our hearts will be hard in sadness and confusion, you have always brought us joy and happiness. You reign forever dear God. Your presence in our lives is the beautiful assurance we need that we will get to heaven and see you soon. Thank you for this day of our thanksgiving. Thank you for everything.

7. Thank you for the salvation of my soul. Thank you for the everyday grace. Thanks for saving us from ourselves and from the world. Thanks for taking us out of our foolishness and bringing us to light. Thank you for all the wonderful insights, privileges, and power. Thank you all for forgiving us of all our pasts. Thank you Lord for everything.

Thank you for helping us in our frailties and giving us the strength to move on. Thank you for saving us from the evil and terrible situations around us. Thank you for the great opportunities to be called your child. Thank you for making see another day of thanksgiving. I give all the honour to your name.Thank your Lord for everything.

8. I pray today that as many families are together celebrating thanksgiving today, they will live for many more years to celebrate thanksgivings together. As many of the people worldwide, who have shown that God indeed is their Lord and Saviour, the grace of God will never depart from them. We will all be alive to see many more thanksgiving on earth. Happy thanksgiving day.








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