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Early Morning Devotional Prayers | Morning Prayers

Early Morning Devotional Prayers

Early Morning Devotional Prayers – How do you start your mornings? I start mine with an early morning devotional prayer. The few devotional prayers I have written down below are what I use and I hope you can use as well.

Truth is, there is no better way to start the day by seeking the face of God for success in whatever you do. It is important that you commit everything to him. He is the one who will give you all the encouragement, mercy, grace, strength and peace to tackle all that comes your way. When you ask him to meet you at the point of your needs just before you start the day, then he will surely come to your aid. There is nothing as beautiful as going to God in prayers. Seek his presence every morning before you get distracted by the activities of the day. God is the only one who can give you all what you need to thrive without asking for anything in return.


Early morning devotional prayers just for you

1. Dear Lord, I pray that nothing will separate me from you today. Teach me how to handle precarious situations, help me to walk in you. Help me oh Lord, so that my heart will be pure and loyal to you. I know there will be temptations and distractions, that’s why I need your help. You know I will always fall and mess up, please guide me dear God so that I can quickly run to you whenever I am on the path of destruction. Guide my footsteps today so I may live in you forever. Good morning Jesus.

2. Dear, I give you glory for another wonderful day. Please watch over my family and friends. Protect them from the evil of this world so your name may be glorified in our lives. Guide them oh God and let your name be praised in our lives forever. Amen.

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