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Thanksgiving Message To The Lord

thanksgiving message to the Lord

Whats your thanksgiving message to the Lord? Do you know at all? I’ve got mine for you and it’s the praise and worship thanksgiving message to the Lord.  Why not share a thank you message to god for all the blessings, thank god for everything in my life, thanks god for all the blessings in my life, grateful to god for everything, thank you message to god for the gift of life, thank you lord for all you’ve done for me quotes when you want to pray to God on the thanksgiving day.

For me the greatest way of passing my thanksgiving message to the lord is through praise and worship and I hope you follow through with this post to share your praise and worship to God.

Thank you message to God for the gift of life

Dear God I thank you, I give you all the glory, honour and adoration. Thank you dear God for the gift of life. Thank you for making me see another day of thanksgiving. To your name be all the praise be given to. Thank you for this day because I know you will let me see more thanksgiving days ahead. I love you Lord.

Thank you Lord for all you’ve done for me

I thank you king of glory for all you’ve done. I give you all the praise and worship for your presence in my life. I am indeed grateful for the gift of life, the protection, and your affection even when I know I don’t deserve it. You are a great God and your name be praised forever. Thank you for this thanksgiving and the many more thanksgiving that will come. May your name be praised. Amen.

I am grateful to God for everything

Thank you Lord for everything, I am grateful to you king of glory.

Thank God for everything in my life

Almighty father, thank you for giving me life so beautiful and amazing. Thank you for making me feel loved and for establishing me as one of your own. Thank you for making me alive. I thank you for my family and friends, and the opportunities that you gave me to fulfill my destiny in life. You have given me strength to deal with all form of bad situations that come my way. You have made me in charge of what is happening in the world around me and given me the grace to overcome all temptations. Thank you for everything. I love you lord.

Thanking God for everything

I am here before you today to thank you for your blessings. I have a lot to be grateful for. Things you have done for me, and the things you will still do. Thank you for everything you have done for my family. I thank you for the grace to be a better person. You started this togetherness between the two of us through your son who came to die for my sins. You sanctified and blessed me, you paid for the redemption of my soul. I thank you oh Lord for not forsaking me when I turned away from you. I have done a lot of bad and terrible things, still you were with me. I have nagged, and complained plenty times about the situation of my life, yet, you still loved me. You helped me surmount challenges and you protected me from the evils in the world. Thank you for your love oh God, I remain grateful forever.

Thanking God for his blessings quotes

Thank you God for your blessings. Thank your for supporting me when I seem lost. Thank you for bringing me closer to you and showering me with grace, love and joy. Thank you for being my guidance and my strength. Thank your for loving my imperfect self. Even though I sin, even though I am not perfect, even though I go against your words, yet you still showed me mercy by loving me that way. Thank you for all the life lessons. Thank you heavenly father for everything. I will always praise you my savior forever and ever.

Thank you Lord for all you’ve done for me quotes

I will praise you my saviour now and forever more. I will give you thanks because you have blessed me more than I can comprehend. Thank you Jesus for all you’ve done for me. You are a great and amazing God. You are the God that makes promises and never fails on it. You are the all seeing God.

You have done marvelous things for me. You have made me grow in wealth and in health. You have provided for me sufficiently. You rescued me from the whims of death. Even though I walk in valley of darkness all the time, you stay with me and protect me all the way. So, amazing you are oh Lord, please receive my prayer of thanksgiving. Thank you Lord.









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