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Goodnight I Love You Messages To Send To Your Lover

Goodnight I love you messages

So, you searched Google for Goodnight I love you messages to send to your lover right? Well, here you are here! Welcome. This long list of messages is all you need to satisfy your thirst for diversity in the type of goodnight I love you messages you send to your lover every night. All you need to do is to copy any of the messages that you love and send to your lover. You can replace the ‘Honey, baby, or Love’ in the messages with your lover’s name. Just do as you please with these beautifully crafted Good night messages. Your lover will get butterflies of love!

Copy any of this goodnight I love you messages of your choice and paste in your message box. Then send to your lover! Simple!

We have curated the best Goodnight I love you messages and they are below. Enjoy!

Cute goodnight I love you messages

1. Good night my beloved. Have a sweet sleep my beloved. I love you so much more than words can explain my dear. Yes, I do.

2. Dear, it’s night again. I know you must be spent from the day’s exertions. But how you can recover from these exertions is through rest. Rest well my love. Rest well.

3. My dear… Good night. I am sending you this message just to say, ‘Good night’. I love you. I love you.  I love you.

4. Good night my dear. Have a fantastic night. Have a peaceful night. Lots of love to you wherever you are right now.  Much love.

5. Good night dear. I am wishing you lots of sweet dreams. May your night be full of sweet,  sweet dreams of me.  Yes, I am that selfish. I want you to see only me in your dreams. Just joking though.. Be sure to rest well my love. Rest very well.

6. Good night to you my angel. I pray for you as you as you go to sleep this night that as you lay your back to rest this night, the angels will guard your bed throughout the night. I reinstate my promise to be forever faithful to you and yes, I will always love you.

7. It’s night my love. The day is over. The night is drawn. I wish you a good night and a peaceful rest. You remain the spark of light in my life, my love. I love you to the moon and back!

8. Good night Sweetie. It is that time of the day when we all go to bed. Wake up safely and be free of nightmares throughout your sleep. You are still the one I love as always babe. Good night.

9. Good night darling.  Night has come and it is time for you to lay on your bed to sleep. Remember to pray before you sleep and yes, always remember that you are dear to my heart more than anything.

10. Hello my sweetheart, I know you must be eating dinner and getting ready for bed right? Good. Remember that early to bed is early to rise. So be sure to go to bed early today so that you can wake up early enough tomorrow to get to work. I am gonna always cherish you always. Good night.

Beautiful goodnight I love you messages

11. Good night it is my baby. Till morning then right? Make sure to have dinner before you sleep. Good night and I love you so dearly. Thanks for being in my life. I appreciate you.

12. I am wishing you a marvelous, sweet, and restful good night my baby. Be sure to rest well.

13. My love, my baby, my honey, the sugar in my tea, the toppings on my ice cream. Good night!

14. How can I go to bed peacefully without ensuring that I have bid you every good night? Can it ever happen for me to go to bed without wishing you Goodnight? It cannot happen. Never. I will always tell you Goodnight till death comes to snatch me away from you. I promise.

15. Goodnight dear beloved. The moon is out now. The day’s toils are over. Be sure to rest well and wake up feeling more energized than ever! I love you so much my beloved so much.

16. Good night my darling. Goodnight is a warm way of telling you that, ‘it is night time and I want to wish you a blissful night time and a reminder that I love you. That is what this good night wish I am sending you means. Have a marvelous night’s rest, my love.

17. Now that the day is over, I just wanna make sure that you get home safely and have a good night’s rest, my dear. Good night, sweet dreams, rest well.

18. I as your lover, want to wish my rock, my home in a time of crisis, my sweetheart, a very, very restful night sleep. Remember how much I love you.

19. The words, ‘Goodnight’ are happy words for me because, after the night, I get to see you again tomorrow morning. So for me, good night means sleep well, but you know you are seeing me tomorrow right? That’s what it means.

20. Good night it is, my love. Have a beautiful and restful night. And yes, I still love you.

Special goodnight I love you messages

21. I am wishing you a very good night honey bunny. Sleep tight and well.

22. Good night till morning, my dear beloved. I want you to know that through rain, darkness, sunlight and stormy times,  I will forever be with you. I will always be by your side.

23. It’s a good night for you this evening my lovely. I want you to know that your place in my heart can never be replaced or moved or changed. Your love has a taken a permanent seat in my life. You have taken a permanent seat in my life.

24. Good night my sweetheart. Loving you my darling makes me so complete. I cannot stop loving you ever.  My love for you is a lifetime promise for me to forever keep to.

25. At least I an saying a Good night and not a goodbye. At least I will still see you again in the context of a good night unlike when compared to a goodbye in which I will not know when I will see you again. But funnily, all these is because I love you. Good night then my darling. Rest well, you need a good dose of sleep.

26. A person cannot ignore the importance of sleep in their life. It is a very important characteristic of life. Sleep boosts brain power and enables you to achieve more. So be sure to go to sleep early this night. Don’t forget that there is a saying that, ‘early to bed is to early to rise’. This text message is to tell you that you should get to sleep. Good night.

27. Rest is so important for your body my love. Though our spirits are eternal, we need to protect and maintain this earthly body that we have.  One effective way to do this is through sleep.  Good night my dear as you prepare to sleep,  I love you.

28. Good night it is my sweetie. Words can’t express how much I wish to be with you right now.  I crave to be by your side on that bed right now. But since I can’t be there, and teleporting isn’t possible yet, I will just say, good night.

29. May the good Lord continuously protect this night as you rest and as he has always done. May He send His angels to take charge over your apartment this night as you go to bed. May you not have nightmares but sleep peacefully. Good night my dear. And yes, remember that I love you! As always right? Yes!

30. Good night my love. Good night it is, my lovely. Do remember to pray before you sleep and to always get to bed early enough so that you can get full hours of sleep.

Lovely goodnight I love you messages

31. My baby, I know you must be getting ready for bed.  I so strongly wish I was with you right now. But, to put that aside, I want you to rest well okay? You are always dear. Always dear to me!

32. The moon has taken over from the sun. The moon is now fully over the earth in its bright light and galore. I just wanted to tell you, Goodnight. Know that every time you look out of your window and into the sky and you see the moon, know that it is a sign that my heart is forever with you. I will pray for you tonight. As always…

33. Love is what I will forever feel for you, my dear. The point of this message though is just to wish you a very good night. Have a peaceful night’s rest. Rest well, my dear.

34. Good night messages are rarely sent. Because people rarely care about someone deeply enough to send them good night messages. But I deeply and evidently care for you. And so I say, goodnight my lovely! Good night, good night and once again, have a very good night.

35. Good night my dear. This is to remind you and assure you that you are still as dear to my heart as ever. Can never leave you, can never forget you and will never ever do.

36. Good night my baby. I just want to say sweet dreams. Be sure t dream only sweet dreams my love. No nightmares or scary dreams. Tip: Dream of me, it will definitely be a sweet one.

37. Now that the day is over, it means that you are getting ready for bed. As you go to sleep this might make sure that you get up to eight hours of sleep because it is the recommended amount of sleep that you need. Good night!

38. Good night it is then my sweetheart. Though we live apart, my heart is constantly with you every second and every minute of every day.  Can’t stop loving you.

39. Good night sweetheart. Hope you weren’t too stressed from the day’s toils? Be sure to have enough rest to replenish all that lost strength. Good night.

40. Good night darling. Thank you for filling my heart with your love. I am forever yours.

Cool goodnight I love you messages

41. Hi sweetie. I am fully aware right now that you are about tucking yourself into bed. And that is good! Remember that you remain the only sugar in the tea of my life.

42. My honey bunny, I am totally privileged to know that I met you. Every night, I think of how privileged, so privileged I am to have met you! Good night my sweetheart!

43. It’s a Good night to you, my sweet lover. Loving you is still the best thing I have ever, ever done. I am so, so grateful for the grace of meeting you.  Love you tenderly!

44. Good night my Pony! I am sending you this message because I appreciate you. I know your worth. I don’t want to ever lose you. Good night my Pony. Missing you.

45. Good night Loveling.  I just want to be the last person to tell you a good night. That is what this text is all about. My love, sleep on a pillow and rest well.

46. My dear! My heart! My lover! It’s rest time. The moon is out. Make sure to sleep well.

47. If you were right by my side, I would have kissed you a good night. But you are far away so I am sending you a deep heartfelt good night message. Good night baby.

48. This message is to wish you a splendid night’s rest and also to let you know how much I cherish your presence in my life. You give me so much joy. I love you!

49. Dear honey, you are so special to me! You are like medicine to me. Just wanted to say good night. Keep loving me, dear. Your love cures me and puts me at ease.

50. As you go to sleep tonight, make sure you don’t worry or think about anything stressful okay? Your well being is very important. Just lay down and sleep. Good night!

Short goodnight I love you messages

51. Just wanted to check on you and make sure that your day went well. Hope your day was fine, my love? Do have a splendid night’s rest. Rest well dear. I love you!

52. My baby, do you know that you give me everything I need? You are the best therapy, partner, medicine, soul mate that I could have ever asked for.. I cherish you!

So these are the goodnight I love you messages above.  Hope you liked them? Feel free to share.

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