The Importance of Gifts In A Relationship

The Importance of Gifts In A Relationship

The Importance of Gifts In A Relationship: Gift is very important in Relationship but becomes frustrating when it does not yield the expected result. You will make more profit with gifts when you know when to give; how to give; what to give; and who to give. Let see how to profit with a gift.

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The Importance of Gifts In A Relationship – When do we give?

1. Give when your spouse is in need (everyone loves people who stood by them in hard times).

2: Give when the relationship is becoming boring (gifts can be used to spice up a relationship).

3. Give on special occasions like Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s day, etc (days like these place special value on your gift with annual or monthly remembrance).

Also, most people want something special from their spouses on such days for themselves and to show others and we all know the value is proportional to need.

4. Give on normal days (Truth is, most people expect gifts only on special occasions. Giving them gifts on somewhat normal days will definitely be a surprise and surprise really is a good spice for a healthy relationship).

There’s gonna come a question like, “What’s the occasion?” Then you reply with something sweet like, “My love is the occasion!”

5. Give gifts when you are wrong (good and sincere apologies with a special gift will do wonders).

6. Give whenever you perceive you should. We are spiritual people led by the spirit. We give when we are led in obedience to the Spirit.

7. Give to appreciate and also sometimes when people do well. (For example, a married man gives the wife some good sex; the wife can as well give the man a nice tie with a handwritten label, “last night was beautiful!”)

8. Give when you want to see something on your spouse (you see, there are some people who will say “I love sexy night wears on my wife” BUT they won’t buy it! Don’t be in that category! If you love it, give her. Ladies, you are not excluded).

The Importance of Gifts In A Relationship – What To Give?

Have you seen beautiful and expensive Christmas gifts for a teenage girl?

I once said, “Love expression becomes frustrating and unproductive when it is expressed in a language abstract to the receiver.” But so also will gift only be appreciated and memorable when the gifts communicate.

What to give:

1. Obvious needs. (In giving, we should be intelligent in our choice; look carefully and identify a need, then meet it. For example, my husband has a brown shoe but has not gotten a belt to match it, I can get a brown belt for him.

2. Give memorable and long lasting things. For example, if I am to buy a brown belt, I will rather take my time to ensure I buy an expensive and durable brown leather belt that can be used for years so that the memory can stay longer.

3. Give their choice. For example, I want to buy a wristwatch for my man. I don’t go and get him a silver watch when I know he loves gold wrist watches just because I love silver watches. You get?

4. Give what you like to see on them (Note: When doing this, it must be accompanied with explanations. For example, if I like Tom Ford designs and my guy likes more of Calvin Klein, if I will buy Ford’s designs, I will add words like, “babe, l really like this design and I will love the design on you. Could you please check it out?”)

5. Give their expectations.

Now, this looks similar to needs but it’s not. They are things you don’t really need as a matter of urgency but you will not mind having them. Examples are; ties, a set of underwears, socks or handkerchiefs.

Lastly, on what to give, I strongly advise you give gifts that can represent you on him! And also long lasting things rather than consumables. Why? Because consumables don’t leave long-term memories on your spouse. For example, rather than get pizza and smoothies for 10k for my guy, I will stop by at a tie shop and get him a lovely tie with the 10k so that next Monday when he wears that tie and his secretary says, “Sir, I love your tie.” He’ll reply, “My baby got it for me!”

To give a gift, kindly ensure it meets a need, keeps memories, reveals your love and so much more!

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