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Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Man in 2018

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Man in 2018 – Christmas is no doubt the most celebrated and glamorous religious celebration in the world. This may be due to many factors:

(1) It is the celebration of Jesus, the Messiah of the world in the religious circles

(2) A celebration of the birth of the founder and the poster of the world largest religion

(3) The timing of the date falls towards the tail end of the year and this is the period people have holidays and are off -work preparing for the New Year Celebration.

Christmas is the time people converge and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity and the festival is as popular as the religion. Different programs, carnivals, events are held to commemorate this celebration and this is a period of festivity.

In most cases, holidays are given, with educational institutions, establishments, and government agencies vacating and closing their yearly activities shortly before the Christmas day (December 25) to allow adherents prepare for the festival. It is therefore understandable that people prepare for this very popular Christian Celebration.

In view of the stated above, Christian religion adherents use the opportunity to get themselves new things, clothes, shoes and other cool things and it is not out of place to buy gifts for loved ones and family. But in this article, we are looking at things you as a lady can purchase and gift your man this Christmas. Taking cognizance of the fact that it is a lot of work to think the perfect gift for that special man this Christmas, we would help you by giving you veritable suggestions.

Men are notoriously difficult to shop for as their needs and wants are mostly not simple things that you can think about. But it can be simple if we look at the peculiarity of the needs and wants of that man you so much crave for and that would help you with ideas for what you can gift him. Knowing fully well the intention of a gift to someone is to show them appreciation and gratitude and value the role they play in our lives, you should use this opportunity that Christmas brings to show him that appreciation by sending him a message you care for his needs and wants and thus, your gifting him something should be what you think he needs most.

For him to appreciate your show of affection through gifts more, make sure what you are getting for him are things he doesn’t have or things he has in short. This creates a higher value on what you gift to him and leaves an impression on his mind. The impression you really care towards his well being.

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas – Categories of Gifts

  • Gifts to show love and affection
  • Gifts to address his pressing needs and wants

Gifts to show love and affection

These are gifts that are an expression of love and they range from flowers, gift cards, paintings, and drawings. They are gifts that represent abstract thoughts and feelings. They in most cases, convey messages to your partner.

So buying your man a flower petal this Christmas won’t be a bad idea. Gifts cards with the inscription “Merry Christmas to the one that completes me” sends a strong message to your man.

Let’s also think this way, don’t you think to engage the service of an art sculpture to carve a portrait of him with an inscription “Christmas wishes of love, joy, and happiness to the one I love” would be a great idea?   Jeez! How sweet would that be!  You have taken him to cloud 9 on the emotional level with this kind of gift. You have also made his Christmas worth it as you have finitely made him feel special and on top of the world. Yay! That’s the thrill gifts should give and you should consider this idea.

I hope you feel the gist, Yes you should. He is a man and father Christmas drools and things may not really be cool for him as they are usually for kids but hey, you can tweak it for him! Yes, you can!

How do you?

In the spirit of the celebration, how about customizing things in the father Christmas style with his name engrained there?

A good idea?


You can purchase an empty leaflet by customizing it with few lines indicating how special he is and his impact in your life and you wishing him the best of Christmas.

The purpose of these kinds of gifts is not to address any need of his in particular but just to show how much you care and appreciate him for everything. It also goes to show how much you value him.

You can also think of other gifts that fit into this category but not mentioned here but the ideas of the kind of gifts that would show more of affection rather than necessity are what sufficed in this category.

Gifts to address his pressing needs and wants

You should always show your man how much you care about his welfare if he does the same too. This Christmas time is another opportunity to let him know how special he is by looking out for what he lacks and needs and gifting him this festive period.

You surely want your man to look good and his deodorants might be exhausted, a wrapped one might do. Gifts that define his looks may be a good idea…A nice pair of shirts to complement his present ones, a new wristwatch or a new pair of shoes to match his present stock are gift ideas you may think of this Christmas but make sure he needs them and they fit the occasion.

A mans wants and needs may appear insatiable, it is thus impossible to be able to provide for all these needs but it isn’t a bad idea to make a try. For example, your man might be a bearded guy and of course in the beard gang, don’t you think he might need a better beard comb and other beard products like beard butter and so on? Surprise him by getting this as a gift for Christmas. If he lives alone and stays in a flat, to help his bachelor-ship ministry, a cup set for dining table would be something that would address a pressing need. Most men do shave and getting a shaver won’t be a bad idea.

Other examples of gifts that addresses his pressing needs and wants are:

  • A headphone if he is the type that loves music and listening to it. A guitar, piano, a mouth organ
  • A nightcap
  • A photo and video printer to help in his office works
  • Lip balm
  • Shaving kit to guard against ingrown hairs, razor burn and cuts
  • Liquor Decanter Set
  • If he is a sportsman, you can get him a personalized sportswear for this Christmas, sports kits like embroidered golf towel, gold sticks would do.
  • You can also get him a personalized whiskey barrel where he can store his favourite whiskey to age to perfection.
  • If he has a car, how about getting him a dash cam for a Christmas gift? Oh, he would love that!
  • Who says you can’t even get him locksmith tools for his house security? Whether used locksmith tools or new, thoughtful gifts go a long way

Board Games and other games; A backgammon set may be one of the oldest games around but men still Wally around it, getting him one would be massive! Getting him a chess game, scrabble, monopoly and even card games would be a statement- it shows you care about what he likes. If he is a play station and Xbox game addict, you may decide to get him games pad for them or utensils needed for such.

You might notice his inner wears (boxers and singlets) needs an overhaul, why not buy him new packs for Christmas?

If he is an avid reader of books, a collection of his favourite book classics would do. Make sure they are books that fall in line with his interests. Getting him a mini-bookshelf is another idea.

Little things like cufflinks to match his shirts may mean a lot to him, you can add that to the list of things you get for him

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas – Other Things to Note When Gifting Him This Christmas

It ain’t just about buying him something, it is about showing him how important he is to you, how much you cherish him and getting things for him as a mark of appreciation and concern for his needs and wants goes a long way to show that.

*The intention behind a gift is important. know why you are buying him something

*Do not buy a gift for him because the gift is popular

*Do not get him something because your friends and others are doing same.

*Try to know his interests, what he likes doing. For example, if he is a sports person or basketball fan, that would give you ideas on what to buy for him in relation to that. If he is a bookworm, a small book mini shelf would do. If he is a television game lover, why not get him a PLay station cursor or pad?

Identify his fantasies also, and get him that complimentary gift this Christmas

*Do not go overboard with it or try to overly impress. This would defeat the whole process and make it look like you have other intentions. Make it simple and let him see that modesty.

*Let the gifts reflect more on the Christmas season. Just try to make it modest. You can’t be thinking of gifting him hard drugs or deep liquor this time of Christ birth reflection.

*Do not let him have a clue you want to get him something. It kills the thrills and suspense if he is already in the know you want to gift him. Gifts have value when the recipient has no clue he is having to receive something.

*Ask his friends, close relatives for advice. They would let you know how to go about it. He may still have hidden kinks and fantasies. They would give you the clue.

*Consider something unpredictable. Yay! It is Christmas time and do not get moved by getting him something common, go out of the ordinary. Try that unpredictable gift

*It is also advisable this Christmas, buy an experience instead of an item. For example, buy him a ticket to watch Christmas parties and carnivals.  Buy the tickets as a surprise, he would appreciate the novelty.

*Gift something that would recall shared moment for Christmas. For example, memories of how you met can be a guide for you, if you met in a gym house, a gym kit would be a good gift suggestion.

Buying gifts that would bring shared moments would acknowledge your origin as a couple and show how much you cherish the relationship

*Imbibe thoughtfulness over expenses. You do not have to spend a fortune on his this Christmas. You can be creative with it. For example, you can draw a portrait of him and you in a Christmas robe wear. It might go a long way rather those buying expensive gifts and all that.

*Include a Christmas letter or card in other gifts. In the spirit of Christmas, you are sending him a gift for the occasion and even if the gift use pre-dates or pro-dates the Christmas period, you should in the moment of festivity let it reflect the celebration.

*Make use and wait for a special moment like the eve of the celebration. You have to gift him at a specific time to live the moment. For example,  you can leave your Christmas gift under the tree on Christmas eve.

In all of this, make your moments matter by being the best gift of all time to him. A gift for Christmas or any celebration and festivity is meaningless without you having a good reason to be together and enjoy the festive period.

Have the best of the Yuletide season with these unique Christmas gift ideas for your man.


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