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The Sweetest Way to Say GoodNight

the sweetest way to say goodnight

Let’s play a game. Me and You. Who can write the sweetest way to say goodnight? You can even win amazing prizes right from here! Trust me when I say you will when you share the sweetest way to say goodnight with me. Here is what you need to do! Share with me cute ways to say goodnight over text, something sweet to say goodnight, goodnight texts to a crush, funny goodnight texts, good night messages for lovers, cute ways to say goodnight over text to your boyfriend, cute good morning texts for her, goodnight love quotes for him.

Isn’t it time for you to share the sweetest way to say goodnight?

I know you have a seen a lot of messages, ran through a lot of ideas; Online/ Offline. But wait a minute, how awesome will it be if you share your original ideas with me? What if I have 1,000 comments or more on this post about the sweetest way to say goodnight. You have gotten a lot from this blog ( or maybe you are a new reader. I say welcome). There is so much we can do for each other, don’t you think?

For you to be here, that means you believe in LOVE and what it stands for. Even if you don’t, when you go through the blog contents, you will change your mind about LOVE. I am a ROMANTIC writer and I so much believe in LOVE and ROMANCE, so let’s see what you’ve got!

But before you do that, I am going to share just only one text message on how I feel the sweetest way to say good night should be written. I want to challenge you to break the barrier of reading and moving on. I want to bring the best of your game in here on this post! I want to interact with you.

Let’s gist, chat, communicate and share ideas on the sweetest way to SAY GOODNIGHT!

How will it feel if we all interact and chat in the COMMENT SECTION below, you will LOVE the sound of that won’t you?

Don’t read and MOVE on! Who knows what you will be missing doing that? There are prizes to be WON. Trust me. For being the first to comment to the 10th comment and so on, there will be prizes!

So call on family and friends, share this POST to all your romantic associates, let’s find out who has the deepest, strongest, and sweetest way to say goodnight.

Are you ready for mine?

Dee’s Sweetest Way to Say Goodnight

I realize that today I loved you more than yesterday, and yesterday I loved you more than the previous day. This remains a mystery to me as I could never have imagined loving someone so much more. You are the reason why I look forward to tomorrow with the hope that your love will carry me through life. You make my mornings perfect, my afternoon special and my evening amazing.

I love you for everything that you are, and I really appreciate your affection because you have given me every reason to believe that Love is everything. Goodnight my Angel. See you tomorrow.

Short Sweet Ways to Say Goodnight

Good Night Wednesday To My Love

1. Enjoy your night with those that really matter to you, I hope I am among them. Have some sweet dreams tonight as you are a super star.

2. Good morning lovely angel I am wishing you more and more success, you are simply an heart robber, you stole my heart away without a single mercy.

3. If I can reach out to you a night, what else do I need in life at the moment? Good night loving pearl, I really appreciate you.

4. I just want to say good morning, hope you are enjoying this night in love and passion because I cannot even stop thinking about you here.

5. Whatever you are, someone is missing you over here, good night many sweet dreams for you. Good night love.

6. Take some naps before you finally sleep. You know why? When you nap, it means I am thinking about you, and if you sleep, it means I am dreaming about you. Good night.

7. I am sending you these packages tonight so that you will enjoy a sweet dream-sweet kisses and cool hugs.

8. Your night is for rest, I hope you will take the advantage of some sweet night rest so that I will see a beautiful face smiling at me tomorrow. Good night.

9. After the daily hustle, what a body and a soul need is sweet sleep and beautiful dream. Good night sweet angel.

10. Your voice is so sweet that I can’t even imagine a day without thinking about you. I wish the best of luck. Goodnight.

11. What really makes a man happy is the gift of a good woman in his life. I am happy honest goodnight to the most beautiful girl in the world

12. When you need someone to tell you sweet words before you sleep, always remember that I am always ready to make you smile.

13. Why is it that your voice always sounds like honey, does it mean that it was made of it? I can’t just resist this sonorous sound of your voice.

14. Hello sweet angel, you are simply the most beautiful jewel in my life, I can imagine a lifetime without you. Goodnight.

15. You are always there for me and I wish you all the best because you add to my life what really matters the most. Goodnight.

16. I am a bot whenever I come before you and the reason being that, I can’t think straight due to your excess beauty.

17. When you have someone that is always ready to make you happy, you become the best for that person. I will try my best to make you happy too.

18. Hello lovely angel, do you know that I will not be able to sleep without you? That’s why I called you the other time.

19. I am sending you the rain of comfort this night, so that it will shower your night with lots of sweet dreams.

20. Look at the smiling moon, it is for you to have a relaxed night so that I will see your brightest face tomorrow.

21. I can’t wait to see your beautiful face, in fact, I have missed you so much and hope to see you anytime soon. Good night.

22. It is my choice to be yours all my life and nothing will make me stop loving you as you are divinely sent down to me.

23. I love you and hope to see you all my life, I wish you a great night and splendid morning. Goodnight angel.

24. Thanks for your day, those moments you share with me cannot be underrated. You are the prince of my heart.

25. I love you like never, you are simply the most meaningful Girl in my life. I am therefore wishing you the best of nights so far.

26. What a nice lady with a gorgeous face. You are my number one angel and I am happy for you. Goodnight sweetie lady.

27. I have been thinking of the best way to make you happy and then, I realized that it is better to be with you all my life.

28. I just want to say your face is too expensive to miss, I have been mourning your absence since the time you left.

29. The other day I met you, something told me that you will be the most intelligent man in my life. I finally found out exactly. Goodnight lady B.

30. Whatever it takes to reach out to you will be my number one priority, I will always cherish you every day and night because you deserve a lot.

Sweetest ways to say goodnight to your lover

Good Night Letter To A Friend | Best Collection Ever

31. Goodnight, you are lovely, you are sweet and I wish you the best of luck now and forever. You are the best.

32. Never mind what happened to you in the past, the present is the best and you should ensure that you take good care of it.

33. I am happy that you find peace in your heart, your soul is relaxed and your body is sound with health, that is what you should have.

34. Thank God for your support and love, it has always been a good experience been with you. Goodnight and have a sweet dream.

35. What makes me happy the most is the fact that I am always sure to see your beautiful face. Goodnight to my angel.

36. I need you all my life and will make sure you are always happy. You are my grace and the most beautiful person ever. I wish you the most lovely day ahead.

37. Thank you for showing me love, thank you for everything. I don’t know how to make you happier but will always try my best. Goodnight.

38. I heart you like a mad lover, I can’t just imagine a second without thinking about you all my life. Goodnight sweet love.

39. There is no day I don’t think about you, you are the best and the most interesting person that keeps me happy when I am sad.

40. I have always wanted to be yours so that you will make me happy when I need you most too. You have been so nice to me thank you.

41. I get to understand that being in love with you has really changed my life. I wish you the cutest night ever and I love you tons the core.

42. Sweet angels are awake and that’s why they can read this message. Goodnight and have a sweet night full of joy, sweet, and interesting dream.

43. No matter what makes me busy, I don’t think it can ever make me forget about you. Goodnight sweet angel.

44. You have always been a great person, you are kind, precious, pretty and lovely. I will never forget you all the time.

45. Your gifted love is one thing that keeps me warm, you put smile on my face and make me happy to the core.

46. There is a world I cannot stop going to is right there in you it is called your heart. Goodnight night.

47. May you find that special peace in you. That peace that only a princess can find. Goodnight lovely angel.

48. I need you to know that you are always my number one priority in in life, I wish you more peace in life. Good night

49. I don’t forget you even in my dreams, how do I forget you in reality? I am in love with you from the bottom of my heart.

50. You are the mansion of love I built in my heart. You are the queen I hope will have sweet dreams tonight.

51. I hope this night showers you with much love, may you find the kind of comfort you deserve this night until the end of time.

52. Wishing you happy Sunday and good night to the best of friends ever encountered on earth. Take good care of yourself.

53. You are always special and I am happy for this. You are always cute, lovely, nice and your unending love will never be taken for granted

54. Thank God for the most precious moments we shared, thank you for allowing me to learn how to love through you.

55. I love your lifestyle and it has always been so source of my joy in this world. I hope you will enjoy this night sleep.

56. All I need right now is to see you happy in life, you will be the sweetest man in my world because I have signed the contract to be yours for the rest of my life.

57. For real, I am do much in you like never, I am so into you as thousands of ants will love to eat one cube of sugar. You are my honey and I love it so.

58. Thinking of an angel is more expensive than gold and silver. Now that you gave me the free privilege to think of you, I should be grateful tonight. Good night.

59. My aim in this world is to see that you are happy, I love you more than what you think. You are the best gift granted to me.

60. I want to use this time to thank you for always been a great person, I salute your courage because there is no way to I can be happier than I am with you.

Good Night Prayer For Friends And Family

Great ways to say Goodnight

61. Indeed, there have always been a good reason to smile at you, you are such an amazing person and you serve as inspiration to me. Good night.

62. Whatever it takes to keep your new night warm and lovely, why not do it so that your already beautiful face will be more beautiful tomorrow?

63. I love it when you smile because the aura of your smile is inevitable. You are super gorgeous and I will not deny this.

64. Thinking about the days we shared showing love to each other. Thinking of many things we have done in life that makes us happy. I love you.

65. I never want to say forgive and forget because I don’t want to imagine that I hurt you. I am in love with you and hope you enjoy this night.

66. You apologize to your wife is a blessing from God. I am always happy whenever I See light of joy on your face. This gives me the feeling that I am becoming a good person.

67. I am yours, your husband and the one who will always be with you when you need in most. I love you so much.

68. How I wish you understand the reason why I will always cherish you. I am for you, and I will always be yours forever.

69. Good night love, you can’t tell what is roaming in my heart for you, but just keep that your thoughts are very strong on my mind.

70. Never in my life have I ever thought of loving someone else apart from you. I am happy because you mean everything to me.

71. I just wish you know me better than you do. I have just shown you an ice peak from the full ice I have under the water. I will show you love.

72. If this peace of message can make you happy to night, it means I have won a jackpot. Please, ensure you sleep tight.

73. I am wishing you more of love on this day, you don’t understand the depth of my trust on you.

74. I will always be yours as long as you are in my life, I don’t have any other girl I can love as I do for you. You are an exceptional lady. Goodnight.

75. Whenever you are ready to smile, always remember that loving you will always be the number one reason why I woke up today.

76. I never want to give up at anytime because if I do, someone else will claim you away from me. I love you, and it is another reason why I keep praying that the Lord should spare our lives.

77. The truth is that, I want to always be with you every day and night, I want to love you like never before. Good night sweet love.

78. I will cherish you always and pray you find peace of mind in all you are doing. Goodnight and I pray you find peace this night.

79. Sweet dream sweetheart. You will be missed, there is no doubt. I love you like WhatsApp. I will always be there for you at any time.

80. Never forget that, being in love with you is my joy, I will never replace you by anyone until the end of my life. I love you and it will always be.

What is your sweetest way to say goodnight to your lover?

We will start with YOU!

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