2019 Prayers for Financial Blessings: We all need financial blessings, don’t we? And they don’t just come as natural as we want them to. All we can do to make financial blessings come upon us is to commit our finances into God’s hands. These prayers for financial blessings will serve the purpose for you. Won’t it?

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Great Prayer for financial blessings

Prayers for Financial Blessings

1. The Lord shall bless your hustles this year and uplift you beyond your expectations. Your entire business shall profit you. In and out, you shall receive good news about your companies. The Lord shall continue to expand your reach to the entire world until you become a financial giant.

2. You shall be blessed with abundant profit in your business this year. Your entire efforts to become financially independence shall never go in vain. You will be celebrated soon. You will not cry, your business shall never crumble and the entire world shall know about your business and patronize you.

3. I pray that the Lord bless you with lots of wealth that will benefit you in this world and the hereafter. A wealth that will not make you arrogant but the one that will cause you to help both the rich and the poor. May the Lord continue to bless you forever and ever.

4. You shall be lifted from the status of been poor to the status of been rich. Everywhere you walked with your leg last year, you shall move there with your car this year. The Lord will not forget you, I pray. I ask God to bless you with endless wealth that will last with you forever.

5. Poverty is a disease, may the Lord prevent you and your entire family from it. I pray that everything you desire in your life be achievable and bring comfort to you. Every distress and misery that surrounds your life shall be put to an end this year by the grace of God.

6. I beseech the Lord to always protect your wealth and properties for you. You shall not beg to eat and your children shall benefit from your wealth. May the Lord continue to bless you with all your heart desires and make you enjoy your wealth with your family ad friend.

7. Your wealth shall profit you, and the Lord will always protect your business. Any problem that will run your business down shall not befall you. I pray that the Lord should protect you against all evils and make you one of the richest men of your generation.

8. You will always find peace in your heart and a sudden poverty will not befall you forever. You will not fall from a financial height, you will rather grow beyond your expectation. I pray that many contracts will open for you to enjoy more of your business.

9. May the Lord bless your hustle and make you happy now and forever. I ask the Lord to always protect you and bless you with whatever you need. As you go out for a greener pasture, may the Lord cause you to come along with many fortunes and prosperity.

10. You shall be blessed soon with success and breakthrough. The Lord shall honor you and raise your status from grass to grace. You will always smile and no sorrow shall befall you. You financial ability will always become stronger every day and night.

Catholic Prayers for financial blessings

11. My prayer for you this season is that your hands should reach the height of success and prosperity. The Lord should bring to your home, a reason to smile for a financial ability. I ask the Lord to continue to protect you now and forever. You shall not look miserable all your life.

12. Any spirit of poverty that follows you shall be separated from you this year by the grace of God, and you shall not dwell in poverty all your life. This year will be your year of surprise, a year of endless joy and happiness. I wish you all the best now and forever.

13. We ask God to protect your interest, make you smile in this year, you shall not beg to make an end means, in fact the Lord shall always be with you to raise your financial status to a standard that will benefit you for the rest of your life. I ask the Lord to bless you abundantly.

14. This year, I pray that your heart be filled with lots of joy and breakthrough. You shall rejoice for new doors being opened for you. Your success shall continue to grow until eternity. You will always smile for the rest of your life. I wish you greatness in your life.

15. You shall not live to suffer and God shall bless you with comfort. You wealth with not sink in any spiritual river and the Lord shall lift your status better than you expected. I just want to wish you all the best in your job. May the Lord always make shine like star.

16. You are simply the most successful business man in this town, and it is my pleasure that my uncle is the one leading the entire community in business. I beseech the Lord to continue to bless you, bring more wealth to you and never put you to shame in any form.

17. Thank you for being a good friend, I am so happy that you understand the situation as I explained. May your business profit you, I pray that your effort never go in vain; the Lord shall raise your financial status beyond your imagination and then put endless joy in your heart.

18. You shall not lose your focus in your business, and the Lord shall continue to protect you for the rest of your life. You shall receive double blessings now and forever. You will always find peace in your heart. I wish you all the best in your business.

19. I pray that the Lord should shower your life with success and make you independence of everyone around you. You shall always smile for the Lord shall make you succeed in your business. Your bank account will never experience emptiness.

20. You will not dwell in the hands of evil people, and your wealth will not for any reason wash away. You will always swim health and wealth all your life. Your success shall have no bound and your status shall be raise above the sky. The Lord will not forget you forever.

Prayers for financial blessings and miracles

21. May the Lord bless the start-up business for you and make it a new way for you to excel in life; you are blessed and God will continue to protect you against any kind of debt that will hinder you to grow in life. I pray for a great business that will make you be known all over the world.

22. I pray to the Lord to raise your status beyond your imagination. Your success will never stop booming and you will never regret in life. The Lord will always bless you in everything you do. I wish you all the best in this wonderful business you embark on.

23. The Lord shall protect you and give you all that you need to enjoy this world. You shall never die young and your success shall have no ending. This year shall favor you, bring wealth to your door steps and nothing will stop you from achieving whatever you wish to achieve now and forever.

24. The Lord shall continue to bless you until you get tired and said God forgive me, this wealth is too much. The Lord will not put you to shame and your entire debt shall be cleared for you. You will not find it difficult to pay your house rent. I wish you lots of success, now and forever.

25. I beseech the Lord to give you a perfect reason to smile this month, bless you and make you one of the most loving ones of your generation. You will never suffer and your success will always grow beyond expectations. Your wealth will be so much that it pours like water.

26. I pray for a great day in your life in which success will always be yours now and forever. You will always be happy in your life and nothing will make you cry for food. You will always be happy all your life. No matter how heavy the debt is, it will not reach you.

27. Financial problem will never be your portion and everything you need, will always be yours for the rest of your life. You shall live long to enjoy the fruit of your neighbor, and your happiness shall last till eternity. I just want to wish you all the best now and forever.

28. I pray that the Lord should look into your financial situation and settle your sorrow this year. May He protect you against any kind of problem that you will not be able to solve; your success will have no limits by His grace, now and forever. I wish you all the best.

29. O Lord, protect us against all evils and make us one of the most precious ones of one generation, lead us to the path that will make us find our wealth where you kept it. Do not let us suffer in this life and hereafter. May your grace shine all over my life forever.

30. As we are about closing the chapter of this year, I pray that the Lord in heaven provide everything we need to survive from the beginning of next year to the end. I ask the Lord to make us financially buoyant and give us a reason to smile for the rest of our life.

Prayers for financial help from God

31. As you open this supermarket today, I beseech the Lord to bless it for you, make it a great reason why you shall be celebrated this year with lots of joy and happiness. You shall not regret coming to this world and your success shall have no limit.

32. Praise is to the Lord who made this day easy for us, we pray that His blessing should continue to shower us like rain. May He consider us as one of His blessed servants and give us our daily bread. Protect our job so that we will not in any way lose it till eternity.

33. May the Lord always bless you abundantly and make you one of the richest ones of your time. May your status be raised beyond your expectation; smile shall reign on your face forever. You shall succeed in anything you lay your hands and your success will know no ending.

34. I just want to wish you long life and prosperity, wealth and health to take care of your family. I wish you a life full of joy, deviated from property. May you continue to be blessed from now until the end of time. Every debt you find yourself shall be cleared for you by His grace.

35. Angels of finance shall follow you to the end and the Lord shall protect you and your family against external and internal famine. You shall have no cause to cry or regret and your success will always be remarkable to the entire world.

36. I am so happy for this special life the Lord blessed you with; I pray that He should continue to do so until eternity. You shall always find your way to greatness. Your business will boom like never before and your happiness will not in any way fade away.

37. May you find endless peace in your heart, and the special luck that will come your way will not in any way be taken away from you. I wish you all the best in your business and also pray that you find it easy to take care of your family as you really want it on your mind.

38. The Lord shall pave the way for you to reach the point of your financial freedom. You will be protected from any angle the guardian angels, I also beseech the Lord to make you happy in any situation you find yourself. He shall bless you abundantly till the end of time.

39. You will always find success in anything you do. Your joy will be multiplied with abundant blessing and you shall find no cause to fall in life. The Lord will continue to bless you with lots of financial ability and your earning power shall be increased any moment from now.

40. May your luck finds its way to you and make you smile like never before; the entire pains you face in the past shall not in any way find its way to your presence again. You shall be blessed with the abundant fortune that will bring lots of property and enough children to your home.

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