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The Wedding That Happened At Idanre Town, Ondo State

wedding in idanre ondo state

Last weekend, we had the opportunity of rendering the pictorial timelines of the wedding of a brother and friend, Femi Owadayo who got married to his beautiful princess, Shade in Idanre, Ondo State on the 17th June 2017.

Scenes from the hotel in Akure, Ondo State

To Idanre, the Wedding location

Portrait of the Groom

You cannot but wonder at the beauty of the ancient town which plays into the beauty of the bride as we documented timelines all the way from Lagos to Idanre.

At the Engagement Ceremony



We also had the opportunity to catch up with the groom, who in is words said:

‘ I am happy to be finally leaving the league of the bachelors today, to commence my life as a married man, finding love is beautiful, and getting someone who promises to love for you in sickness and in health is truly an amazing feeling.’

Who doesn’t love LOVE, and what it stands for?

Happy Married Life to the couple from Deedeesblog. God bless your home!

Check out the rest of the timelines here..





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