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th (20)Mauve 21 events centre. I am always filled with admiration whenever I enter the city of Ibadan away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos. The City has continued to impress on me the ever growing and increased awareness of the populace; old and young alike in entertainment and night life.

There has always been a noticeable trait in the continual springing up of luxury suites, clubs and lounges in Ibadan. This is based on the fact that the populace is beginning to get enlightened and aware of the need for relaxation after hectic work schedules and also the urge to spend reasonable whilst enjoying in luxury at the maximum.

One notable thing that has helped this ancient city thus developed are the various tertiary institutions in the city; Lead City University, University of Ibadan, The Polytechnic Ibadan amongst others which in the last years have been filled with young and trendy undergraduates who that are inclined to explore at every little opportunity.

The increasing middleclass around town has also boosted the entertainment and relaxation aspects of this city as almost everyone can afford the luxury made available by this relaxation spots and event centres.

The last years have witnessed tremendous investment in the entertainment sector of the Oyo State, with statesmen and investors tapping into the available resources to bolster the night life of the city and also make massive return on investment.

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Looking at the entertainment hemisphere of the ancient city is the now popular Mauve 21, the first and only unique all inclusive events centre in Ibadan which offers top notch experience that is affordable to its customers.

Located along Ring Road, one of the most developed areas in Ibadan is the one-stop events and entertainment centre in Ibadan which houses 4 halls; The Imperial, which can accommodate 850 guests in a banquet setting, there is also the Orchid 1 and 2, which accommodates 250 guests in banquet setting and the Mulberry, a theatre setting for 350 capacity. All these halls are fitted with the latest multimedia systems.muberryorchidII

Mauve 21 events centre also took it a step further by providing 10 luxury rooms with the intention to accommodate the users of the events centre before, during and after their event.

For wedding ceremonies therefore, the halls can be used as venue for reception, while the rooms can also be booked by the event users. In the event that the event centre and rooms are booked at the same time by the users of the event centre, then management gives a discount for the rooms.wnn

Mauve 21 events centre also possess an executive board room which attempts to also let in the corporate into the facilities the centre possesses.For training, trade shows, conference meetings. There is availability of enough space for the corporate world as well. There is also flexibility around the rooms such that the management would configure rooms to suit the needs of the users. Facilities for conferences are projection screens, movable podiums amongst others.

Mauve 21 events centre will be incomplete without the Mauve lounge which otherwise makes Mauve 21 inclusive on its own. There are several activities for the lounge which include Banquet Day where people can come around to enjoy 3 to 5 course meal in Mauve’s restaurant.


Also, there is a jazz night, karaoke night, and also live band to listen to as part of relaxation for the customers. There are special VIP sections; with some dedicated to patrons who want to watch live football matches on giant LED screens.

The club section of the lounge is classy and there is a vast dining section too. There is also a dedicated smoking section in the lounge and a classy open section outside the lounge entrance where customers can sit and enjoy their drinks in the open to enable them enjoy fresh air. Mauve 21 has now become the choice of people in Ibadan who wants to host any type of parties at moderate prices.

IMG_20150814_180422 (1)

Finally is the parking space in the compound which can accommodate more than 200 cars. Impressive you’ll say?

I bet you this review won’t be complete unless you visit on your own. Mauve 21 events centre has thrown a new face to events and would be described as one of the biggest celebrity hangout and events centre in Southwest Nigeria.

I will score Mauve 21 events centre 4/5

See more pictures after the cut…

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  • Reply
    January 17, 2016 at 9:08 am

    I think you have done a great job as regards entertainment in Ibadan, but I am of the opinion that the growth in night life/increasing night clubs n lounge is not a product of the tertiary institutions such as U.I or Lead City. U.i has been in existence for over 40years and I can’t just imagine it will be now that it will change the social landscape of the city, Leadcity on the other hand to some extent changed the situation around ringroad which has been a busy axis before the her establishment(lead city).
    From my own perspectives, the change is as a result of a spill over in Lagos which has resulted into an increasing population growth in IB. The need for these set of people not to be bored/have a feel of lagos brought about these nite clubs. Added to this, is the increase in social life of the inhabitants and the willingness of the young, rich few to set up a befitting facility for such.
    These trend is also noticeable in the media too, gone are the days of radio nigeria and Bcos. Since the emergence of splash fm, there exist some changes and as a result other media outlets came on board. As it is nw, over 10 radio stations are in the city which today has change the orientation of the poeple and adapted the urban trend that can be found in Lagos to the medieval thought of ibadan people.
    All these did not just happened, past government administration has neglected the tourism, entertainment sector but the present government explore the opportunity for the fortune of the state. An amiable environment open doors for investors as it can be seen today.

  • Reply
    Sylvester Eweje
    May 2, 2022 at 9:07 pm

    How much to book your event centre ?

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