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Thursday Morning Prayer you should Pray

thursday morning prayer

Looking for the perfect Thursday morning prayer for you? Then I have just this one for your day. A Thursday morning prayer gives you the edge and opportunity to commit your time and day into God’s hands.

Whether you are seeking peace of mind, encouragement, energy and drive to get through the day, you need to go to God in your Thursday morning prayer and see how he can meet with you and bless you with all your requests. Go into his presence each day and commit everything to his hands. If God’s people calls his name, don’t you think, he will always answer? Yes, he will!


Thursday morning prayer 1

I pray today oh Lord that nothing will take me away from you. Let me learn at your feet, teach me how to go on your way and path and lead me in a direction that speaks of what you want for me. Help me to walk in you through your word, and make my heart pure and straight to you. I pray for your protection oh God, lead me away from my sinful thoughts and actions. Keep me from being led on by my selfish desires. help me to embrace my situation with what you want it to be, and give me the grace to seek the truth in your word all the time. Bless me immensely oh Lord, and be with me every step of the way. You are a mighty God and I will always adore your holy name. Amen.

Thursday Morning Prayer 2

I am not sure of who will come my way today, you are the only one that knows. You said you know my steps before I already know and I pray that you give me the grace to work that path. teach me oh Lord, how to be strong and believe in you. Help me to come to terms with everything that comes my way and let me see each day as the perfect opportunity to be closer to you. I thank you for your love and I pray that it remains unconditional. Thank your for everything my king of glory. May your name be praised forever. Amen.




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