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Traveling For Christmas? Check Out The Rising Transport Fares

Traveling for Christmas in Nigeria

Traveling for Christmas in Nigeria? You need to check this out.

If we are to remember the Christmas in 2017, it will be the massive traffic across all states in the country, fuel scarcity and the unnecessary increase in the price of PMS.

While we are battling with all of these implications of Christmas as it relates to the heavy traffic, the fuel scarcity has caused a heavy dent on the aura of festive season. A season that is meant to make all Nigerians happy has led to faces of utter disappointment and frustration.

The fuel scarcity, recent increase in the price of P.M.S has once again cast a heavy doubt on the purpose of enjoying this Christmas season, making Nigerians groan in heavy discomfort and anger.

Reports reaching Deedeesblog from popular Inter-State parks and the Nairaland forum have stated the increase in cost of inter state transportation all over the country.

Transportation fares as at today 22nd December 2017 is:

From Ibadan to Lagos - N2,000
From PortHarcourt to Edo - N1,000 before but has generated a 101% increase to N2,050
Port Harcourt to Akwa Ibom has also increased by 120%, from N1,000 to N2,200Β 
From Rukpokwu, Port Harcourt to Owerri, Imo State, transportation cost has increase from N800 to N1,900
Prices between from N10,000 above for transportation from Port Harcourt to other Northern States
The cost of transportation from Abuja to Benin is now N7,000 as against the normal fare of N4,500
From Onitsha to Markurdi is now N5,000 naira as against the N2,800 transport fare.
Abuja to Ilorin is N7,000 as against the fare of N4,500
From Okota, Lagos to Aba, Abia State which ordinarily cost N5,000 has been increased to over N11,000 by popular inter state transportation companies.
GUO fare cost from Lagos to Aba - N12,000
God is Good Motors - N10,000
Libra - N11,000
Eddyson - N8,500
From Ilorin to Lagos was N2,550 as at first week in December, has now been increased to N3,500
From Lagos to Agbor, Delta State:

Peace transport - N8,500
Good is Good Motors - N9,100
African Eagle - N8,100

As at press time yesterday 21/12/2017, Peace Mass Transit had the following fares for transportation:

From Nsukka to PH - N3,500
From Nsukka to Lagos - N6,000
From Nsukka to Warri - N3,000
From Nsukka to Aba - N3,000

According to a member of Nairaland forum, StoneKC, fares from Lagos to the Eastern part of the country in certain bus stations have also increased and this increase has been attributed to the rising fuel scarcity that is all over the country:

From Lagos to Ughelli via Dominion Sienna - N7,500
From Lagos to Ughelli via Dominion Normal Bus - N6,500
From Lagos to Port Harcourt via Agofure - N7,000
From Lagos to Owerri, Ekeson Small Bus - N12,000
From Lagos to Owerri via Chisco Luxury - N11,000
From Lagos to Enugu via God is Good Motors - N12,825 through the mobile app and N13,500 though online booking.
From Port Harcourt to Uyo - N1,800

From Uyo to Oshogbo was formally N6,000 but has increased to N9,000 as at press time.

In other stories, there are some reactions relating to fuel scarcity in twitter. Check them out below:

It is going to be a really big issue for travelers from Lagos to Abuja as popular inter state transporters has placed a fare of N16,740 on the trip from Lagos to the Country’s capital. It is expected that all travelers tighten their money belts if they would be traveling this period.

We will keep updating this page as times goes on. Do you have rates of transportation fares in your area? What is the traffic situation like in your state? Please share details of transportation costs in your area in the comment section below. We would appreciate!

If you are here reading this post, please verify these fares from your location as well. Let us all know what is happening with transportation this yuletide period!

Photocredit: MetrowatchOnline.






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