Places to Get the Best Lagos Bracelets

best lagos bracelets

Places to get the best Lagos bracelets –  Everyone loves bracelets. Sitting pretty on your wrist, you won’t help but marvel at the beauty of this piece of art? But what’s a bracelet, first of all?

A bracelet is a piece of jewellery that is usually worn around the wrist or ankle. Bracelets serve so many different uses, such as being worn as an ornament or a piece of beautification.

If you want to give your special someone, male or female a bracelet, it’s a fantastic idea! He/she will be able to wear it anytime whether daytime, night time and anytime in between!

A bracelet is a rare gift that your lover can wear for basically all occasions. There is surely no better way to say “I love you” than with a beautiful piece of jewelry. Your special someone will love it! No matter what his/ her tastes are, you can always find a wonderful bracelet made for the man/ woman of your dreams. If it’s for your best friend perhaps, you could get two identical bracelets to symbolize your friendship bond! How sweet!

There are so many different styles of bracelets to choose from when shopping for bracelets online. Just make sure to choose one that you think will suit her taste. There are the Diamond Tennis Bracelets, Pillow Tennis Bracelet, Chain Bracelets, Bangle Bracelets, Charm bracelets, Cuff bracelets to mention a few. All you need to do is dive and select the particular type of bracelet that fits into everything you want in terms of art and creativity.

The sizing of bracelets

Sizing is a very, very important factor to consider when choosing a bracelet.

You surely do not want to bring on that surprise with the most divine, beautiful and delightful bracelet only to realize it is too small to fit the wrist of the person you are buying it for.

Although buying a bracelet that is slightly too big can be fixed by any reputable jewelry repair-person, but then buying a bracelet that is too small is not fixable so you have to be careful.

So, be sure to get it right. If you want this to be a surprise gift, you can get a rough idea of his/ her wrist size. How you can do this is that when next you are holding his/her hand, wrap your thumb and fore finger around the wrist. You can do this with a little joke about how big or tiny the wrists are. This should however give you a sense of his/ her wrist size.

There comes the part of remembering how much of your fingers fit around the wrist so you can make the decision to buy the perfect bracelet.

Looking for online stories where you can get the best Lagos bracelets at affordable prices. Check my list below out!

1. Payporte Jewelry

Presently walking the path of fulfilling their brand promise which is to constantly deliver quality and affordable products and services to their customers, Paystack is an online stop that would not leave the radar of providing quality fashion and lifestyle wears.

The online retail store was launched on the 25th day of September, 2014, and since then, PayPorte has since thrived to ensure that it caters to a wide demographic that ranges from the youths and to the young urban professionals. This makes this online store one of the best places in Nigeria to get quality and beautiful bracelets.

In the 1k store, you can get all products for not more than 1,500 naira. The store consisted of highly affordable and quality products sold for not more than N1, 500 and it is across all categories and it was fully embraced by Nigerians.

By providing an extensive array of products on just one platform, at the best prices you could ever think of, together with customer loyalty rewards, discounts, fraudulence and risk-free transactions.

PayPorte provides an all-round hassle-free and stress free  shopping experience and its services are available through its official website and also through their  downloadable apps for android and iPhone. Visit their website and order your bracelets!

2. Mandilax

Mandilax is a jewelry store located in south western Lagos Nigeria. The jewelry organisation was established in 2013 in the city of Lagos. Mandilax is the male version of WOMANDILAX. They are a reputable and popular online seller of rare and unique gold, silver and diamond jewelry inspired by the urban culture. They

Mandilax specializes in ready-made premium jewelry and custom jewelry such as Name or logo pendant. They stock a wide range selection of handpicked latest trends in jewelry from the street culture. Shop all of your men’s gold, silver and diamond pendant, chains, bracelets, rings and many more, most especially bracelets from here!

For more information on Mandilax:

Their store Address is at Shop 35D, Binukonu Shopping Plaza, at Ogudu Road, Ojota, Lagos, Nigeria.
For their customer Care number, call
08173164100, 08154233612.
Or for WhatsApp: 08143146100
Their Opening Hour is from
Monday to Friday from 8AM – 6:30PM
They are closed on weekends.

Visit the online store at here

3. Bentigos

Ben Tigos is a Nigerian fashion brand and online store. They sell cutting-edge fashion and offer a wide variety of fashion-related content to their customers. On the bentigos website they sell their brand apparels (Ben Tigos) as well as other brands’ fashion items.

Ben Tigos deliver to customers nationwide and their POD (Pay On Delivery) service is second to none as they have different modes of payment on Delivery, it could be either by hand, POS terminals or gift cards.

As more  Nigerians continue to connect to the internet by the day and we live in a cashless economy, it surely becomes more difficult to go to the stores to obtain your fashion items. Ben Tigos serves as the bridge between stepping out to buy your fashion items and paying in cash. Be sure to get the best Lagos bracelets from them!

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