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Tuesday Morning Prayer and Message

tuesday morning prayer and message

Tuesday morning prayer and message – Share the Tuesday morning prayer for the people you love and get them thanking you for the kind gesture.

Tuesday morning prayer and message

Dear Jesus, I thank you for this great morning in Tuesday, that you have made us alive to see the beauty of what you have created yet again. We worship and adore you because you are good and your mercies endures forever. Blessed be your name king of glory. Let your name be exalted in the house of this family. Bless and guide them through the rest of the week.

I will continue to acknowledge and appreciate all that you have done for me. I will praise you every single day because of your kindness and blessings. As we start this Tuesday yet again, let your power reign in whatever we do. Let us be what we have always wanted to be. Support us through this week and life’s journey.


Dear God, we are trusting you to do great things in our lives. We surrender all to you and we pray that you make our week mighty and amazing. The smallest tasks we commit to you oh Lord, take absolute and perfect control. Help us dear holy spirit to pay attention to small details and let us be a living testimony of your glory in our lives. Thank you for everything dear Lord.


We have come boldly before you oh God. We have come before that throne of grace. Help us oh Lord in this moment of despair. Be with us oh God, in these confusing moments. Let your lights guide us through everything in this life. We pray for blessings through your grace oh God. Let your light guide us through our glory so that we can come at the end of the day to appreciate you wonderful and holy name. Amen.


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