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The World Polio Day is Here Again – End Polio in Nigeria

World Polio day 2017

The World Polio day 2017 is here again. How far have we gone in Nigeria, South Africa and the rest of Africa with ending Polio?

How far have we gone with sensitizing the public against the re-occurrence of Polio in Nigeria. It is important that we continue to enforce polio immunization in the country. Today we celebrate how far we have gone n the World Polio day and also acknowledge the fact that we still have a long way to go with respect to the total end of the viral infection. We all should come together to give Polio the ultimate quit notice. We need to put an end to Polio in Nigeria and our health officials cannot achieve this on their.It will take the collective effort of everyone to make this come as achievement to us.

The World Polio Theme for 2017

The World Polio day was establish by Rotary International to commemorate the birth of Jonas Salk. The first who led a team to develop the Polio vaccine known as Poliomyelitis. A crippling and viral disease, Polio has no cure. Polio can be prevented via immunization. When given multiple times to a child, it can prevent such side from Polio throughout his/ her life. The important way of eradicating Polio is through prevention by immunization.

The World Polio Day Celebration

Polio is a very terrible disease and one of the ways to get it out of this system is by the immunization of people who ought to be immunized. Everyone should take the polio vaccines so that our lives in Nigeria will be better.

The campaign against Polio should not stop. We should not also wait until the World Polio Day before we reinforce all campaigns on the eradication of Polio. We should stamp out Polio in Nigeria completely.

Let us sensitize everyone around us on the need to be immunized against Polio. Happy world polio day.










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