7 Ways to Spice Things Up in Bed in Your Relationship

When you have been in a relationship with your partner for a long time, the spark that used to exist in bed tends to slowly die. There is rarely something surprising that can get you out of your bedroom routine.

Sexual lulls are something that all couples experience at a point or another in their relationship. It doesn’t mean that you are not a passionate couple or that you no longer love each other as you used to in the past. It just means that your romantic life is experiencing a little boredom. Fear not! There are many things that you can do to spice things up under the covers and improve your romantic life in your relationship. Here are 7 ways that you can do to become better in bed and satisfy your spouse:

1. Set the scene

Part of every couple’s routine in the place where they make love. And most probably, similar to other couples you and your girlfriend have your romantic time in your bedroom. We get it, it is an intimate place where you feel comfortable and able to show your vulnerability in front of your partner. But that’s exactly why your bedroom seems so boring right now.

If you make no effort to set the scene a little bit and only think about how comfortable your bed is, your romantic life is doomed to become boring. It may not matter to you whether there are lighted candles and background music in the room, but for your partner, it can be a game-changer. It shows that you are making efforts to make her feel wanted and appreciated.

Moreover, both music and scented candles can have a huge impact on reducing stress and helping you and your partner relax. With a relaxed body and mind, your experience in bed can become a lot better.

2. Feel free to tell what you want

One of the biggest mistakes that couples do and affect their sex life is not being open about what they want in bed. Out of shyness and fear to be judged, many people tend to hide what they actually like in bed from their partners. But, how would you imagine that your spouse will know what you would like her to do to turn you on?

The most effective way to get mutual pleasure in bed is to talk openly about everything you want. Whether you would like your girlfriend to touch or kiss you in a certain way, to dress up for you, or to change the location, you need to tell it out loud without fearing that she will judge you. on the other hand, you also need to encourage your partner to tell you what would make her experience more pleasure in bed.  The sexual health experts from Bathmate explain that ” Talking openly about your fantasies will help you try new things in bed and ensure that both you and your partner will get pleasure.” Plus, you may actually be surprised about your girlfriend’s fantasies and realize you share them too.

3. Dress up

For a lot of people, role-playing in bed seems embarrassing and doesn’t understand how pretending to be someone else does not help you have better romance. It is actually pretty easy to see why. Role-playing helps partners to experience new things in bed so there is certainly something that takes them out from their bedroom routine. Moreover, the idea of pretending to be someone else is sometimes fun when you want to escape from your everyday responsibilities and worries for a little bit.

There is nothing embarrassing about wearing costumes and spicing your sexual script in bed. Talk with your partner and find out if she has a certain fantasy about who she wants you to be in bed.

4. Avoid bedroom routine

As mentioned before, the bedroom routine is what kills the spark in a couple’s romantic life. A fairly predictable sexual script is very unlikely to make you or your partner experience the joy you used to experience at the beginning of your relationship.

Thus, it is extremely important to make sure that you don’t make a bedroom routine that will change your sex life for the worst. Always try to experience new things, whether it is new positions or fantasy, don’t be afraid to add something new thinking that it may go wrong.

5. Try sexting

How would you feel about being surprised by your girlfriend with a text message that says how much she wants you? Probably it will make you imagine how it would be if you were both at home in your bedroom. Similar to you, your girlfriend would also feel aroused by a text message that expresses your desire.

Sexting can be a fun game between you and your girlfriend to make each other more involved in your romantic life. Moreover, it can also be a great way to express your sexual desires and fantasies if you are not feeling comfortable to tell them to your girlfriend face-to-face.

6. Don’t be afraid to use toys

Experiencing toys in the bedroom can be a new and exciting experience for your girlfriend. Some men fear to include toys in their sex lives with their girlfriends thinking that they should be the ones to satisfy their spouses. It is entirely true that you are responsible to make her feel pleasure, but including toys in your bedroom scrip can help you get away from the routine and monotony.

7. See a professional

In today’s world, people no longer fear to discuss their problems and life challenges with a professional. And neither should you! If you are experiencing problems in bed, there is nothing embarrassing about discussing them with a therapist. Perhaps your problem is related to a health condition or you are experiencing a very stressful period in your life. No matter the reason, a professional can help you determine what you should do to be able to enjoy your romantic life with your spouse.

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